Steve Rehring, OG/OT, Ohio State

Scouting Reports of centers, guards, and offensive tackles in the 2009 NFL Draft.
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Steve Rehring, OG/OT, Ohio State

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:07 pm

Steve Rehring
6-7/335 Ohio State
5.45 Senior

Pros: He has excellent size and strength, with a really strong upper body. Shows potential as a drive blocker and is able to push the pile. Has a mean streak and does a good job finishing blocks. Shows some ability to pull, mainly because of his size makes him effective there.

Cons: Has poor footwork and really struggles in pass protection. Has trouble against stunts because he can't adjust well in space. Has trouble with quicker defensive tackles, and is beat by the inside move or edge speed when he plays tackle. Is not quick off the snap and is uncomfortable moving in space. Not really going to be an effective puller because of it.

Overview: He is a guy that overwhelms more because of his size and strength, rather than technique. He began his Buckeye career at left tackle before moving to left guard as a sophomore. An ankle injury limited him this past year and missed several games, but did return and did get some reps at right tackle.

NFL Forecast: He has size and strength that gives him a chance to stick. But is really one-dimensional and not very effective in pass protection. Most NFL defensive tackles will eat him alive. But his size will probably keep his foot in the door and teams will give him a chance for a few years on the practice squad. But at best, he's just a backup. He has experience and the size to play tackle, but would really struggle in that role, unless he got help from the tight end and running back almost every down.

ATL Forecast: Rehring could get work as a reserve guard and tackle in Atlanta, but is a practice squad player that lacks the ability in pass protection to be a good candidate to develop. Again, his size and strength might allow the coaches to try for a year or two, but eventually someone that can actually pass protect will surpass and take his job.

Value: Rehring will get a shot in camp because of his size and ability to potentially play multiple positions, but he'd be a waste of a draft pick.
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