Sean Sester, OT/OG, Purdue

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Sean Sester, OT/OG, Purdue

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:06 pm

Sean Sester
6-7/325 Purdue
5.34 Senior

Pros: has good size and strength. Has a mean streak and does a nice job finishing blocks. Good in a short area and has a nice hand punch in pass protection. Effective on traps and pulling because of his size.

Cons: Has slow feet and struggles on the edge vs. the speed rushers. Has poor technique, gets too deep in his pass drops. Is a waist bender and lunges. Doesn't always lock onto defender and lacks pop off the snap. Not as powerful as you'd expect given his size.

Overview: Sester has the size to be a tackle, but is destined to move inside. He started at left tackle as a junior after two years on the right side. This past year he was limited by back and knee injuries that prevented him from getting back to full strength.

NFL Forecast: Sester would struggle mightily on the outside as his footwork and technique are too poor. He stands a chance as a guard because of his size and strength to push the pile. But at this point he mostly gets by because he is bigger than everybody else, not because he is particularly skilled. But his size potential makes him a decent project for some team. He'll have trouble sticking initially, but after a year or two bouncing around practice squads could land a nice backup job. Doesn't have great upside to be a starter, but you could hope to develop him into another Scott Kooistra.

ATL Forecast: Sester could be a decent interior player for the Falcons, but he's not going to stick. You'd have to put him on the practice squad for a year or two and he might make a nice backup right guard. But would be a below average starter, too limited athletically. But he's a physical player that could be a decent run blocker.

Value: Sester isn't worth drafting, but has size potential that makes him a good signing in undrafted free agency.
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