Matt Slauson, OG, Nebraska

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Matt Slauson, OG, Nebraska

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:06 pm

Matt Slauson
6-5/313 Nebraska
5.26 Senior

Pros: Has excellent size, strength, and power as a run blocker. Physical guy with a mean streak. Has solid hand technique and uses his upper body strength well. Locks on and initiates contact. Quick off the snap and shows nice pop in the running game.

Cons: Has poor feet and technique. Is stiff-legged and struggles when he's left on an island, particularly against quicker defensive tackles. Doesn't give you much as an athlete and lacking as a pulling guard. Not fluid on the move and doesn't block well on the second level.

Overview: Slauson is basically a one-dimensional blocker that can be a dominant run blocker, exactly what you expect from a Cornhuskers lineman. But he's not great in pass protection and will need to improve there to be able to reach his potential as a starter at the next level. He began his career as a right tackle before moving to guard as a junior.

NFL Forecast: Slauson has upside to be a dominant run blocker at the next level. But his poor footwork in pass protection holds him back. At the very least if he doesn't improve in pass protection, he'll be a solid backup, but limited as a starter. He'll work well for a team that can put him beside a capable pass-protecting right tackle that can take some burden off him. BUt he'll need to improve. I like his upside and he's one of the better interior run blockers in this class. But I'm not confident that he'll really get any better as a pass blocker and that could make him a liability.

ATL Forecast: Slauson isn't a great fit in Atlanta. He could be a nice run blocker and potentially one half of a dominating run-blocking right side. But his issues in pass protection would probably make him an even bigger liability than who the Falcons currently half there. He's unlikely to surpass Dahl for that reason and would just be a backup here.

Value: Slauson has upside, but is too one-dimensional to take too high. At best, you should take him in the fifth round.
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