Rodrick Thomas, OG, Tulsa

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Rodrick Thomas, OG, Tulsa

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:05 pm

Rodrick Thomas
6-4/355 Tulsa
5.46 Senior

Pros: Massive guy that shows a nice mean streak and does a nice job working to finish his blocks. Does a nice job getting position and shows potential downhill due to his size.

Cons: Not as powerful as you'd expect from a player his size, mainly because he's slow off the snap and gets so little pop. Lacks mobility and moves at a snail's pace. Has poor footwork and bad balance with even worse technique. Can get pushed backs by smaller ends and would really struggle against speed rushers.

Overview: A two-year starter at right tackle that was mainly effective because he's so much bigger than everybody else in Conference USA. But he is a very raw project that will take a ton of work to stick at the next level even if he makes the expected move to guard.

NFL Forecast: Really the only reason why Thomas may get a shot in the NFL is because of his size. But he'll take a long time to develop, which is time NFL teams don't have. Instead, he might be able to go to Canada or the UFL and be developed there. Frankly, you might be better off trying to play him at defensive tackle. Maybe some 3-4 team can make him into a serviceable nose tackle because of his size. If he can play in the CFL or another league for five years, maybe then he'll be a serviceable NFL reserve.

ATL Forecast: Thomas would probably be a waste of the Falcons time and effort. While his size is intriguing, his development at this point is what you'd expect from a freshman or sophomore. And there isn't enough time and energy for the Falcons to expect him to make any meaningful contribution in the near future.

Value: Maybe someone gives him a shot in a training camp, but NFL teams are better off staying away and hoping the Argonauts can develop him for them.
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