Tavita Thompson, OT, Oregon State

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Tavita Thompson, OT, Oregon State

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:04 pm

Tavita Thompson
6-6/308 Oregon State
5.34 Senior

Pros: Is a nice athlete. Gets good position in the running game and does a nice job blocking in space and on the second level. Has good mean streak and does a nice job finishing blocks.

Cons: Needs to improve his technique. Opens up his stance too early and has poor footwork on the edge. Doesn't use his hands well and doesn't lock on. Doesn't get much push and needs to get stronger.

Overview: Thompson missed the first half of this past year and the last half of 2007 due to a NCAA suspension stemming from him taking a banned substance from a dietary pill. I saw him in his first game back and he looked rusty. Played left tackle for Beavers.

NFL Forecast: He's got upside because of his athletic potential, but that year off probably stemmed his development. And he's going to be a project at the next level. He'll probably have to stick somewhere on a team's practice squad for a year or two. The type of player that has a hard time sticking for a few years, but then a couple of years down the road manages to stick. Basically could be another Dahl or Clabo, who both started out the same way. His footwork is very raw, and I don't think it would be a crazy idea if he moved to defense at the next level. I think he has the body to be a solid fit in the 3-4 at defensive end. He'd still be a project, but I think you could take advantage of his athleticism, toughness, and size. He doesn't have great potential to be a starter, but could be a nice backup in that role. And I'm not sure he's really any more of a project there as he would be on offense. He did play some defensive end in high school.

ATL Forecast: Thompson would likely land on the team's practice squad for a year or two in hopes that he can develop much the same way as Clabo and Dahl who did the same. He has the potential to play left tackle or right tackle, although he is raw. But he could be a nice swing tackle if not a capable starter that can help out on the right side. Probably not the ideal candidate to play on the left side, but could be a solid backup there.

Value: He's too raw to draft, but some team should definitely bring him to camp.
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