Louis Vasquez, OG, Texas Tech

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Louis Vasquez, OG, Texas Tech

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:03 pm

Louis Vasquez
6-5/325 Texas Tech
5.22 Senior

Pros: Has good strength and size and shows nice pop in the ground game. Takes nice angles and is a capable drive blocker. Has a mean streak and finishes his blocks. Shows nice mobility and does a nice job pulling and blocking out in front of screens. Has good footwork and technique is bends his knees and shows good hand use in pass protection.

Cons: Doesn't have great footwork nor is he as powerful as you'd expect from a player his size. Can be inconsistent at times. Will overextend and lunge at times and will give up too much ground in pass protection. Seems have to troubles with quicker defensive tackles and has trouble adjusting when in space.

Overview: Vasquez is a solid blocker in Texas Tech's offense, but shows greater potential as a run blocker than in pass protection. The strong season by the Red Raiders raised his draft stock. He was a three-year starter at left guard.

NFL Forecast: Vasquez fits well in a man blocking line. He doesn't have ideal athleticism or footwork but could be an effective right tackle in some schemes. He has starting potential, but isn't as dominant as you'd want in a starting candidate. But he's fairly steady in that he's effective, but is not as consistently dominant as you want for a player his size. More than likely, Vasquez will serve as a solid backup for a few years and then get an opportunity to start in two or three years. His upside as a run blocker is what makes him an intriguing starter candidate, but more than likely he'll only be an average starter if he ever gets there.

ATL Forecast: Vasquez would likely spend at least one year on the bench before he could expect to push for playing time. He could challenge at right guard in 2010 and because of his size you like his potential as a run blocker. But more than likely, he probably won't be ready to unseat a player like Dahl by then. Instead, he could serve as a nice backup at both guard spots, and might even be able to get some work at offensive tackle, making him a nice utility candidate.

Value: Vasquez has some potential, but is still probably a guy that will go in the later rounds. He's a guy that should go off the board in the fifth or sixth round.
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