Sebastian Vollmer, OT, Houston

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Sebastian Vollmer, OT, Houston

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:02 pm

Sebastian Vollmer
6-8/312 Houston
5.13 Senior

Pros: Has good size and potential as a run blocker. Has good hand use, initiates contact and does a nice locking onto defenders. finishes his blocks and shows good pop off the snap.

Cons: Lacks ideal footwork and needs to improve his technique in pass protection. Doesn't stay square long enough. Not great on the move and not going to give you much on the second level.

Overview: Vollmer is a solid right tackle prospect for a zone blocking scheme. He was born in Germany and didn't speak much English when he started at Houston. He started out as a tight end before moving permanently to left tackle as a junior. Missed all of the 2006 with a back injury. Will turn 25 in October.

NFL Forecast: He has starter potential to develop and could be a solid right tackle for a zone blocking team. Will probably sit the bench for a few years, but with two or three years of refinement and development, he could be a solid starter. Does a good job in the ground game, but needs work in pass protection. At the least, he'll be a solid backup right tackle. Teams will keep him around because of his size and ability to push the pile. I'd say he could be a capable right tackle in the mold of Tony Pashos, who also didn't play much his first two years in the league.

ATL Forecast: Vollmer has developmental potential for the Falcons because of his potential to be a strong run blocker at right tackle. He'll have to sit for some time and be developed, and probably not a threat to take Clabo's job in the next year or two. But could make an impact three or so years down the line as a solid run blocker.

Value: Vollmer is a solid late round pick with developmental potential. Probably I would target him in the sixth round.
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