David Washington, OC, Oklahoma State

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David Washington, OC, Oklahoma State

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:02 pm

David Washington
6-3/308 Oklahoma State
5.22 Senior

Pros: Does a good job getting downfield and blocking on the second level. Is a nice position blocker that shows nice quickness off the snap. Most of his power is in his lower body. Shoes feistiness and mean streak and good in a short area. Works well in the shotgun.

Cons: Not a fluid athlete and can be stiff-legged at times. Struggles when he's left on island due to poor footwork and lacking strength. Not a great athlete. Has short arms and tends to lunge. Needs to improve his hand use and doesn't consistently lock on. Will whiff on some blocks. Needs to improve as a cut blocker. Doesn't make line calls in Oklahoma State's offense.

Overview: OSU's offense makes all the calls from the sideline so he lacks experience doing that and may not be mentally prepared for the NFL level. But he's an effective player that has a good mean streak and is a capable blocker downfield. Missed most of 2007 season with broken leg.

NFL Forecast: Washington doesn't have great potential at the next level. Reminds me of a player like Dennis Norman, who could be a nice backup and offer some ability to play guard. But Washington isn't your ideal option at guard because of his lacking footwork and strength. More than likely, he'll spend a few years working as a backup, but eventually be replaced and phased out of the league within five or so years.

ATL Forecast: Washington adds depth, but wouldn't be much better than any of the options the Falcons currently have behind McClure. He might challenge for a practice squad spot, but that's about it.

Value: He's worth bringing to camp for some team, but is a long shot at really making a major impact in the league. Don't draft him.
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