William Beatty, OT, Connecticut

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William Beatty, OT, Connecticut

Postby Pudge » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:20 pm

William Beatty
6-6/307 Connecticut
5.06 Senior

Pros: Has very good athleticism and moves like a tight end out in the open field. Does a good job blocking on the second level. Comes off the snap quickly in the run game and does a good job getting position. Does a nice job locking onto defender and is a good wall-off block. Mobile, and able to block on move out in space. Adjusts well in space, and ideal guy you want leading your back on screens. Shows nice quick feet and potential in pass protection.

Cons: Lacks strength. Despite quickness off snap, his strength is so poor that he doesn’t get any push in the running game. Undersized and not sure if he can handle extra weight. Has raw technique, and poor hand use and placement. Doesn’t always finish his blocks, as he’s constantly looking for the next guy to block. Has a tendency to hold at times, and also will box out defender like he’s playing basketball rather than football. Despite footwork, not as good in pass protection as you’d expect, since his footwork can get sloppy.

Overview: Beatty’s star rose due to the association with Donald Brown. Besides Brown, he was the most high-profile offensive player, and basically because of teams watching Brown, they saw more of him. Beatty is an excellent athlete and moves more like a tight end than offensive linemen. Unfortunately, he played most of the season around 285 or 290 pounds and while he’s bulked up this off-season, not sure if his body will be used to the extra weight, since it’s doubtful it is all muscle. And while he may bulk himself up to 320 pounds if he pleases, he’ll probably always play like a guy that weighs only 295 or 300 pounds. Showed improvement as the season wore on.

NFL Forecast: He’s a project, and if he can get a couple of years to sit and watch, add strength, and improve his technique, he could make a decent left tackle. Right now, I’d compare him to a guy like Donald Penn. Many NFL people seem to want to compare him more to Jason Peters. He has the athleticism you want in a left tackle at the next level, but not sure if he will develop the other things. If he gets time to physically mature and learn his craft, I think he will have success. I don’t expect him to be an elite left tackle, but a guy that is able to get the job done like Penn is now. And if he doesn’t improve, there is still the potential of moving him to tight end and playing him purely as a third tackle much like Eric Beverly. The best scheme for him is probably on a line where they really like undersized, zone blockers much like the scheme they employ in Houston. Don’t think he’d be a good fit at guard because he doesn’t get much push in the pocket. He’d be a project, but probably besides a long-term option at left tackle, he might have some short-term value as a center.

ATL Forecast: For the Falcons, unless they wanted to move him to tight end, it would probably be best to steer clear of Beatty. As a tackle prospect, he would at best be a backup, but wouldn’t provide immediate depth considering how raw he is. They could tinker with moving him inside, but due to his lacking ability in the ground game, he probably wouldn’t be a good fit there. If the Falcons are looking at him, I think he would best serve as a center option to replace McClure. He’d be bigger, but not much of a better option in the ground game, but his inability to push the pocket wouldn’t be a problem, and his quickness and athleticism would be a real asset.

Value: Probably one of the more overrated prospects in the draft due to his athleticism. He’s a middle round pick that I wouldn’t take before fourth round. He’s purely a developmental prospect, but because of teams hunger for quality tackle prospects, likely will be over drafted.
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