Tripp Chandler, TE, Georgia

Scouting Reports of tight ends in the 2009 NFL Draft.
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Tripp Chandler, TE, Georgia

Postby Pudge » Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:32 am

Tripp Chandler
6-5/263 Georgia
4.87 Senior

Pros: A blocking tight end that does a good job getting the seal and position out on the edge for the running back.

Cons: Doesn't give you much in the passing game. Doesn't get a good release and lacks speed to separate. Needs to refine his footwork because he ends up on the ground too much as a blocker. Lacks pop off the snap and doesn't always lock onto opponent. Needs to get stronger so he can better push the pile.

Overview: He works almost exclusively as a blocking tight end. He needs more polish there. He was suspended for a game in 2007 for underage drinking. Production slipped as a senior with only 5 receptions. From Woodstock, GA.

NFL Forecast: Chandler isn't a polished blocking tight end, but you feel fairly confident that with some coaching he'll get better there. He'll never be more than a No. 2 blocker for any team. If he has more than 5 catches in a season at any point in his career, I'd be shocked. He's the type of guy that you could potentially give you a few touchdowns each year, because defenses completely forget about him in the redzone because he is never really an option in the passing game. Give him a year or two to refine his blocking technique, add strength, and improve his footwork and you'll have a guy that can help move the pile. But he's one of those guys that I'm not sure will ever be a dominant blocker, so may have trouble sticking. I think he's closer to the next John Gilmore than Jim Kleinsasser.

ATL Forecast: Chandler could be a nice pickup as a blocker here. But he's not going to beat out Hartsock or Peelle anytime soon. So really for the Falcons it's probably smartest to let some other team develop him, giving him some time to improve, and then sign him two or three years down the road. He's really not a player that will stick until then, so he's really not worth developing much. By with some development, he could fill the same role Hartsock has with the team.

Value: I wouldn't draft Chandler because he's not as polished a blocker as I'd want. Sign him as a free agent instead.
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