Davon Drew, TE, East Carolina

Scouting Reports of tight ends in the 2009 NFL Draft.
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Davon Drew, TE, East Carolina

Postby Pudge » Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:32 am

Davon Drew
6-4/256 East Carolina
4.82 Senior

Pros: He has nice hands and does a good job adjusting to the ball in the air. Has good speed and quickness that does a good job after the catch. Shows nice power and balance as a runner and fights for every yard. Gets a nice release and works well in space. Has potential as a route runner. He flashes potential as a blocker. Uses his hands well and does a nice job getting position.

Cons: Doesn't have the speed to stretch the field vertically. Is raw as an inline blocker and needs to refine technique and footwork. Lacks pop off the snap and not always aggressive. Doesn't lock onto defender and doesn't consistently get good position.

Overview: Drew works as an inline tight end, H-back, and in the slot. He's best in the slot because of the mismatches he creates outside. Led ECU in receiving yards this past year. Started career at QB, but moved to tight end as a sophomore in 2006.

NFL Forecast: He reminds me of a poor man's Alge Crumpler due to his receiving ability and toughness after the catch. They have similar builds and speed as well. The difference is that Crumpler was a solid inline blocker, while Drew needs a lot of work. But if he commits to it, I think he'll eventually be solid there. He flashes potential, but a coach is going to have to take him to school once he gets on the next level. Give him a few years, and I think he'll develop there. Right now, I think he'll work nicely as an H-back in most offenses, which was the same role Crumpler filled his rookie year. He'll never be a top tight end like Crumpler was, but if he becomes a more consistent and improved blocker, he can at least be a good starter. He could be a starter like Chris Baker and Desmond Clark, who are capable starters, but under appreciated because they aren't true playmakers in the passing game.

ATL Forecast: Drew could be a nice player here in Atlanta. He'd most likely be a backup. He'll start off working as an H-back, and in time if his blocking improves he can move into the starting lineup. He'll be a solid starter that is capable of making the occasional big play and be a nice backup option for Ryan, but won't be the game breaker. And even if he was a productive starter for two or three years, eventually the team is probably going to want someone that is more of a playmaker and he'll once again become the backup. But he'll be a solid addition and could upgrade the spot eventually, just probably not the long-term fix the Falcons want at the position.

Value: Drew is a solid middle round pick that a team that likes his upside as a blocker could take in the fourth round.
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