Marcel Frost, TE, Jackson State

Scouting Reports of tight ends in the 2009 NFL Draft.
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Marcel Frost, TE, Jackson State

Postby Pudge » Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:31 am

Marcel Frost
6-4/265 Jackson State
4.90 Senior

Pros: Athletic prospect that flashes potential both as a receiver and blocker. Can be a physical runner after the catch. Has good strength and size as a blocker.

Cons: Inconsistent and raw in almost every area. Has questionable hands at times. Short arms some throws in traffic and lacks the ball skills to adjust to the throw. Raw as a blocker. Seems to only go through the motions at times. Whiffs on some blocks. Needs to improve his footwork and technique. Stands up and pushes rather than using feet and lower body strength to drive defenders off the ball.

Overview: His play hints at his poor character. He started out at Ohio State, but was suspended for violating team rules before deciding to go to Jackson State in 2006. At times, he appears underused at JSU, but with these suspected character red flags, that is somewhat understandable. Will turn 25 in October. Missed all of 2004 season with a knee injury and 2007 with a broken leg. Started out as a defensive end with Ohio State.

NFL Forecast: He has an NFL body, size, and athleticism. He has potential to stick, he just needs to work a lot harder and show he's more than just a big athlete. As a receiver, I don't think he'll ever be great but could be a decent outlet receiver. He has potential as a blocker but he just needs some coach to get on him and really show him the way it's supposed to be done. Because of this, I doubt he sticks in the league early on. But if he works on his craft, or goes to the AFL or UFL in the mean time, he could eventually come back to the pros. But I'm thinking he could be another Jermaine Wiggins if he develops enough. Basically, players like Frost are exactly why the league had NFL Europe. However even if he does develop, he's probably just a No. 2 guy at best.

ATL Forecast: Frost might be worth a practice squad spot for a year or two as the Falcons hope to develop him. But considering how poor developed Frost is at this point, you wonder just how much can be done now that he's in the pros. He has potential and could be a solid No. 2 tight end. But more than likely, he'd be buried on the depth chart and in the doghouse for inconsistent play. In the words of Emmitt Smith, a leopard can't change his stripes.

Value: Based off his athletic ability/potential, you might think about taking him in the sixth round. But don't draft him, he's tailor-made to disappoint you.
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