Mark Hafner, TE, Houston

Scouting Reports of tight ends in the 2009 NFL Draft.
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Mark Hafner, TE, Houston

Postby Pudge » Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:30 am

Mark Hafner
6-2/221 Houston
4.76 Senior

Pros: Has nice hands and shows good speed and quickness to be a factor as an intermediate target. Does a decent job taking on defensive backs on the second level and in space as a blocker.

Cons: Drops some passes. Lacks speed to stretch defense. Works almost exclusively out of the slot except in goal line and short-yardage situations. When he moves inline, he's not a factor as a blocker. Lacks strength and isn't able to hold his blocks on defensive backs in space.

Overview: He's basically a tweener that is used more as a wide receiver in Houston's spread attack than tight end. He missed most of 2005 with a wrist injury.

NFL Forecast: Hafner could be a stud in the CFL or AFL, but not so much in the pros. He either needs to get a lot bigger or a lot slimmer to stick. While he could work as a wideout if he was closer to 200 pounds, such a drastic transformation can't really be good for him. He'd only be a backup anyway that would have to stick on special teams. As a tight end, he might have a future as a H-back, but unless he's picked up by the Colts, I don't see him sticking in the pros. He needs to play in a scheme, where he lines up in the slot most downs since he's probably too much of a long-term project to stick as an inline blocker. Some teams may try to stick him at fullback, and it remains to be seen if he'd take to that position. But even in the Colts offense, he wouldn't be great since there are usually much better players available each year that fit that scheme as well.

ATL Forecast: Unless the Falcons see a future as a pass-catching fullback for him, he doesn't make a lot of sense. A nice receiver, but not good enough one-dimensional player to merit his development as a backup.

Value: Hafner is good enough to sign as a free agent, but honestly, a team is better off giving him a few years in the CFL or AFL before signing him.
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