Cedric Hill, TE, South Florida

Scouting Reports of tight ends in the 2009 NFL Draft.
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Cedric Hill, TE, South Florida

Postby Pudge » Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:30 am

Cedric Hill
6-3/250 South Florida
4.87 Senior

Pros: Is a good athlete with nice speed. Has nice hands. Shows some quickness and power after the catch. Does a decent job blocking in space when taking on defensive backs on the second level. Gets a good release and most effective when he lines up in the slot.

Cons: Lacks strength as a blocker, and even has difficulty moving linebackers. Lacks burst and sudden quickness despite his size. Needs to improve his route-running. Not good as a lead blocker and struggles when he's asked to block inline. Needs to improve his concentration, as he'll drop some balls.

Overview: Hill plays a combo of TE and H-back for USF, and that's likely where he projects best in the pros. Two-year starter that combined for 39 catches and 3 touchdowns the past two years. From Valdosta, GA.

NFL Forecast: He has some skills worth developing, but he's a long way away from contributing in the NFL. He needs to get bigger, and looked like he was playing closer to 230 during the season. He'll never be a good blocker, but might be able to get strong enough to be adequate as an H-back. His best chance of post-college success I would bet is as a slot back in the CFL or in the AFL. He's nothing special as a receiver to offset his poor blocking, making his chances of sticking in the pros minimal. Only way I see him really sticking in the NFL is if he shows some team he's good on special teams.

ATL Forecast: He'd have a shot at working as an H-back in Atlanta, but he's not a good enough blocker to really stick on the roster. He'd simply be a body that might be an adequate enough receiver to make the roster, but his lack of blocking skills would doom him.

Value: He's too much of a project. Maybe bring him to camp, but I'd rather let Canada do my developing for me.
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