Darius Hill, TE, Ball State

Scouting Reports of tight ends in the 2009 NFL Draft.
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Darius Hill, TE, Ball State

Postby Pudge » Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:29 am

Darius Hill
6-7/246 Ball State
4.74 Senior

Pros: Has a tall, lanky frame with nice, soft hands. Is a high character player that works hard. Willing blocker and likes to mix it up downfield. Has good speed and is a nice long strider.

Cons: Will drop some easy passes and body catches too much. Doesn't give you much after the catch. Doesn't get a great release and lacks pop and technique as a blocker. Blocks too high.

Overview: Is a tweener at wide receiver and tight end. Too slow to play wide receiver, but undersized at tight end. I think he would have been a better bet losing weight and moving to wideout. Production dropped as a senior, despite the early season loss of Dante Love, and wasn't able to really fill the void.

NFL Forecast: He'll never be a great inline blocker, and while he's a good receiver, I don't see a lot of upside for him at tight end. Still needs to probably bulk up and to fit his frame, he needs to be closer to 260. He's a capable receiver, but won't be a go-to threat. Has good size and you like his potential in the redzone, but lacks the ideal speed and quickness to be a playmaker in the passing game. He's a fairly reliable option and can help move the chains, but he's not going to scare any defenses. Would work best in a scheme that gets him out in space in either the slot or at H-back. But he's too tall and weak to be an effective inline blocker. He'll be hard-pressed to stick in the NFL, but really could be a good option for a league like the UFL.

ATL Forecast: He's the type of player that you like to have on the team, but doesn't really upgrade the position. Adds size and nice hands, but he's not going to be a better option than Peelle in the passing game, particularly when Peelle can also give you solid blocking. Would be an adequate H-back for the Falcons, but not long-term fixture.

Value: In the right scheme that likes to use it's tight end away from the line, might get some seventh round value out of him. But probably a bit too much of a tweener that anything higher than that is a reach.
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