Branden Ledbetter, TE, Western Michigan

Scouting Reports of tight ends in the 2009 NFL Draft.
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Branden Ledbetter, TE, Western Michigan

Postby Pudge » Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:29 am

Branden Ledbetter
6-5/250 Western Michigan
4.84 Senior

Pros: A player with decent hands, speed, and quickness. Shows some pop off the snap and blocks well in space. Does a nice job getting the seal on the edge.

Cons: Needs to be more aggressive playing the ball in the air to reel in more catches. Needs to get bigger and lacks the pop and power to push guys off the line as a blocker. Doesn't lock onto defender. Lacks speed to challenge a defensive vertically.

Overview: He's a capable H-back that has some potential to develop as an inline blocker. Missed two games this past year due to internal bleeding in his intestines.

NFL Forecast: Ledbetter could make a nice No. 2 tight end, but I doubt he has the upside to be anything more than a below average starter. Not as natural a receiver as I'd like, but will be competent there. He can be a nice two-way tight end, but won't wow you in any area. His potential to improve as a blocker is fairly good and with a two or so years of refinement and getting stronger, he should be solid enough there to work as a backup inline tight end. IN the meantime however, it's probably best to use him as a H-back until that occurs. As a receiver, he's capable, but just isn't the natural receiver that you'd like to see at the position who comes away with most passes when he's stuck in traffic. He'll be a fine NFL player, but nothing special and eventually you think some more athletic young stud will come along and push him off a team's roster.

ATL Forecast: Ledbetter adds some depth, but his lack of long-term upside coupled with the fact that he's not an improvement over Peelle or Hartsock makes him not a great fit in Atlanta. He could be buried on the depth chart for a few years as the team's third tight end. But he'd mainly be being developed to replace Peelle or Hartsock, rather than upgrade them.

Value: For a team looking to develop some depth, he'd make a nice seventh round pick.
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