Travis McCall, TE, Alabama

Scouting Reports of tight ends in the 2009 NFL Draft.
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Travis McCall, TE, Alabama

Postby Pudge » Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:29 am

Travis McCall
6-2/276 Alabama
5.10 Senior

Pros: A big guy that is strong and uses his size well as a straight-ahead blocker. Has experience working as an extra tackle in pass protection. Can work both as an inline blocker and H-back.

Cons: Lacks technique as a blocker. Doesn't lock onto defender and is stiff-legged. Lacks pop off the snap. Lacks quickness and doesn't do well when asked to block in space or on the move. Struggles in pass protection against athletic ends. Not a major option in the passing game.

Overview: He's got size and strength you love, but that's really it. He's just a big guy that needs a lot of polish as a blocker. Works mainly as an H-back, but is a better fit as an inline blocker. Career high in receptions were 8 as a junior.

NFL Forecast: If you can refine his technique as a blocker, then McCall could be a solid No. 2 tight end that serves as a blocker. Has the potential to be a player like Chad Mustard or Jason Dunn in that role. But not a great receiving option and will not be a factor there. If you can develop him as a blocker, he can basically be used as a third offensive tackle because he has that sort of size and strength.

ATL Forecast: He's a project for the Falcons, but his upside as a blocker is fairly high. He'll be a good blocker in the scheme, but because of his lacking ability in the passing game, he's really not much of a different player than Ben Hartsock. And Hartsock is a bit more polished in the passing game. A good fit if the Falcons are looking to develop a guy to replace Hartsock as their top inline blocker, but that's about it.

Value: McCall's potential as a blocker makes him worth a seventh round pick, but considering how raw he is you'd normally let him go undrafted.
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