Andrew Mooney, TE, Ohio

Scouting Reports of tight ends in the 2009 NFL Draft.
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Andrew Mooney, TE, Ohio

Postby Pudge » Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:28 am

Andrew Mooney
6-2/226 Ohio
4.82 Senior

Pros: Has pretty good hands and decent speed. A capable blocker in space.

Cons: Needs to bulk up and get stronger. Undersized.

Overview: He was injured in the game I saw him and missed the rest of the season with a torn MCL. Still managed 27 catches in 9 games. He's an
undersized guy that teams may try to move to fullback, but fits best at H-back.

NFL Forecast: I think Mooney's learning curve would be less at H-back, but he's even small for that position. The smallest H-backs in the NFL are usually 245 pounds. He could play fullback, but still most teams like their fullbacks to be at least 240 pounds. Regardless of what he does, he needs to bulk up. But he's a nice receiver that in the right offense as a combo move H-back/fullback, could be a capable starter. But he'll be hard-pressed to stick because it's going to take him at least a year or two before he is big enough to compete. I didn't get a chance to see much of his ability as a lead blocker, but there is some potential worth developing there. Give him a few years, and he could stick. But more than likely, he'll have to play in the CFL or AFL to have a long pro career. HIs lack of size is not as big an issue in those leagues.

ATL Forecast: Mooney might be worth a practice squad spot, but he's not really a great fit in the offense. He's not the physical blocker the team wants at tight end. As an H-back, there are better options. And as a fullback, it's doubtful he'll be as good a lead blocker as someone with more experience there. He's a project, and it's doubtful he'd work out in Atlanta.

Value: He's not worth drafting, even if he was injury-free, because of his project status. Good enough to get a camp invite, but I'd rather let him spend a few years in Canada or the AFL before signing him.
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