Nick Walker, TE, Alabama

Scouting Reports of tight ends in the 2009 NFL Draft.
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Nick Walker, TE, Alabama

Postby Pudge » Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:25 am

Nick Walker
6-5/253 Alabama
4.97 Senior

Pros: Has good, reliable hands and gets a good release off the line. Is a capable position blocker that can seal the edge. Is faster than he times. Has ability to work out of the slot, inline, or at H-back. Won't shy from contact after the catch and can be a physical runner when he wants to be.

Cons: Not physical enough as a blocker and only seems to be going through the motions. Tends to be a finesse guy after the catch, and tries to outrun defenders rather than simply lowering the shoulder and bowling them over. Needs to improve as a blocker when he's out in space. Needs to improve his concentration.

Overview: Walker is a reliable receiver and plays well in the passing game, but doesn't seem as interested in the running game. He should be a lot better blocker given his size. Was secondary target to Julio Jones for John Parker Wilson at Alabama this past year.

NFL Forecast: If Walker can improve as a blocker, he can be a nice starter. He'll never be a playmaker in the passing game, but can be a reliable receiver that can help move the chains. He'll be a nice safety net for a quarterback because he has reliable hands. If he takes to blocking, he'll be a solid pro. Basically would be like a less athletic version of Visanthe Shiancoe. But he'll need to work much harder and his team and coaches will have to get on him as a blocker. I think he can be a solid starter, but will never be a huge producer in the passing game (30 catches), and unless he improves as a blocker, it will limit him.

ATL Forecast: Walker would be a nice receiver for the Falcons. If he can improve his blocking, he'd be a nice starter in the Mularkey mold, but right now he's not really an upgrade over Peelle in the passing game. But he has the potential to be an every-down tight end, but he'll need some time to develop. He'll basically be a nice option as a No. 3 tight end for a few years and then hopefully will have improved his blocking enough that he can be a solid, but unspectacular starter.

Value: Walker is a nice middle round pick that is a nice fifth round pick.
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