Chase Coffman, TE, Missouri

Scouting Reports of tight ends in the 2009 NFL Draft.
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Chase Coffman, TE, Missouri

Postby Pudge » Mon Sep 20, 2010 5:47 pm

Chase Coffman
6-6/247 Missouri
4.83 Senior

Pros: Has soft hands with excellent concentration. Catches the ball at the highest point and does a good job working in traffic. Adjusts well to the ball in the air and shows nice body control. Is a good, physical runner after the catch. Lowers shoulder and will run over defensive back. Shows nice athleticism as well, hurdling guys. Does a good job finding soft spots in the zone. Good on tight end screens. Does a decent job taking on DBs in space, and does a decent job walling off.

Cons: Lacks strength and pop as a blocker. Not good inline and almost always lines up in the slot. Lacks ideal burst and quickness, and might have issues getting separation. Doesn't get a great release off the line. Whiffs on some blocks.

Overview: Coffman is a natural receiver that plays the position like a wide receiver. He's not an experienced blocker and will need to be refined quite a bit in that area. Son of Paul Coffman, former NFL tight end (1978-88), who was a star for the Packers. Very productive player in Missouri's spread attack that uses him mainly like a big wideout in the slot.

NFL Forecast: Coffman will never be a great blocker. But he has the potential to develop enough that he can be serviceable in that role. I'm reminded of Jeremy Shockey and Jason Witten when I watch him play, although he's not anywhere close to the blocker that Witten is. Coffman will have to adjust to being an inline tight end, and might need some transition time. He'll be best working as an H-back in an offense where he can be lined up in the slot or split out wide to create match-up issues rather than being stuck on the line every snap. His blocking abilities however won't be a major negative if he's a big factor in the passing game. And in the right system, he's the type of guy that can be a 80-catch tight end. Not the fastest and isn't really a guy that is going to stretch the field, but is a really nice safety valve that will be difficult to match up with, because he's going to win most battles for the ball. Quarterbacks are going to love him because if you throw it within arm's reach of him, he's catching it.

ATL Forecast: Coffman could be a good fit in Atlanta. He'd open up the middle of the field as a pass catcher. He's not the ideal fit as a blocker, but he could slide in very nicely as an H-back since players like Hartsock and Justin Peelle can handle blocking duties. He won't be as productive in Atlanta as he could be in another offense, probably only catching a maximum of 40-50 passes in Mularkey's offense, but he'll be a chain mover in the offense, and it will be impossible to keep him off the field. With Peelle and Hartsock, he won't be asked to be a blocker at least early on in his career, which gives him time to develop.

Value: Coffman is a first round pick based off of his potential production, although probably a late first rounder because he's fairly one-dimensional. But can really excel in that one dimension.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

SPEED: 3.0
HANDS: 5.0
RANGE: 4.0
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