Demetrius Byrd, WR, LSU

Scouting Reports of wide receivers in the 2009 NFL draft.
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Demetrius Byrd, WR, LSU

Postby Pudge » Mon Nov 15, 2010 12:35 am

Demetrius Byrd
6-1/196 LSU
4.47 Senior

Pros: Has the speed to stretch the field vertically with good burst and acceleration. Has nice hands and good body control, showing ability to go up and get the pass in the air. Can make plays after the catch due to his speed making him dangerous in space. Capable blocker when he's interested.

Cons: Doesn't like contact on release, so may have some difficulty beating the jam. Will drop some passes and not always a willing blocker.

Overview: He was hurt this past year by subpar QB play at LSU. BUt he's a natural vertical threat that should improve with better QB play. Didn't produce as much as teammate Brandon LaFell in 2008, despite being the more skilled receiver. Former JUCO player.

NFL Forecast: Byrd is a similar player to Devery Henderson, except I believe Byrd is more likely to be a bit more versatile and reliable outside the deep throws. I'm not sure he'll be anything more than a No. 2 option, but if he can establish a solid rapport with his QB early on, then he has a chance to be a solid player. Probably will never be a No. 1 target, but could be a good No. 2 a la Santonio Holmes. Doesn't have the consistent hands and ability to be the go-to guy, but should make a nice complement. Will work best in an offense that likes to get deep because he's faster than he times.

ATL Forecast: Byrd would be a nice option in Falcon offense as a vertical threat. He'd be better in that role than Jenkins, but probably won't be as good as Jenkins is on third downs. He would play outside in Atlanta, with Douglas working the slot, and it would give the Falcons a lot more speed on the field than with their current lineup. But in truth, Byrd wouldn't be much of an upgrade over Jenkins with exception to speed.

Value: He's worth a third round pick for a team looking for a vertical threat on the outside.
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