Quan Cosby, WR, Texas

Scouting Reports of wide receivers in the 2009 NFL draft.
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Quan Cosby, WR, Texas

Postby Pudge » Mon Nov 15, 2010 12:33 am

Quan Cosby
5-9/198 Texas
4.57 Senior

Pros: He has good speed and good burst. Shows nice explosive ability after the catch. Doesn't shy from contact, and has a physical style of play. Willing to throw his body around as a blocker downfield. Is a smart player with good awareness. Knows how to break off his routes when the QB scrambles. Has solid hands and good concentration. Has nice body control, tracks ball well in the air, and is able to make the tough grab either high or low. Lays out for passes and does a good job attacking the ball in the air. Does a nice job as a route-runner and finds the soft spots in the zone. Is a capable return man.

Cons: Lacks size. Not a great return man. Not a true burner and won't be a great vertical threat at the next level.

Overview: He reminds me of a combination of Hines Ward and Harry Douglas. Has a good rapport with Colt McCoy. Production increased each year, capping off with a strong senior year. Also returned one punt and kickoff each for a score in his career. Will turn 27 in December, having played 4 years of minor league baseball in the Anaheim Angels farm system.

NFL Forecast: He's a more physical version of Harry Douglas. While he definitely would make a good slot receiver, I think he's one of those undersized guys that will make a nice option on the outside. He's one of those players that could beat the odds and overcome his size issues much like Steve Smith. He's a really sound player and there's nothing he can't do. It's just that he's small. At the very least, he should be one of the top slot and third options in the league. But I think he can be a very productive No. 2 receiver, that may even develop as a capable go-to receiver in a few years.

ATL Forecast: Cosby is a potential upgrade at receiver. He can help out as a kickoff returner, although he's probably not really a better option than Norwood. He can play the slot initially, but as he develops and builds a rapport with Ryan, he could eventually become one of his favorite targets on third down. He has potential to be a better player than Douglas or Jenkins and is worth developing as another slot option.

Value: His lack of size and some concerns whether he can be a reliable outside weapon probably knocks him down to a third round. Steve Smith and Hines Ward were also third rounders.
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