Brooks Foster, WR, North Carolina

Scouting Reports of wide receivers in the 2009 NFL draft.
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Brooks Foster, WR, North Carolina

Postby Pudge » Mon Nov 15, 2010 12:33 am

Brooks Foster
6-1/201 North Carolina
4.44 Senior

Pros: Has good vertical speed to stretch a defense. Is good after the catch because he's a natural runner with good balance and burst. Agile in open field and does well on screens and reverses. Does a nice job on slants as well due to his size and burst.

Cons: Body catches too often and doesn't have great hands. More of a runner than a natural receiver. Needs to improve his route-running.

Overview: He's got good burst and speed making him good after the catch, but not sure has the skills to be able to use that at the next level. Shows potential to work on special teams as a return threat, but limited reps there due to presence of Brandon Tate. Played 5 games on UNC's 2005 National Championship basketball team. Didn't become a starter until his senior year, and only became a true starter once Tate was injured. ONly had 6 receiving touchdowns in his career. Only returned 1 kickoffs and 1 punt in his career.

NFL Forecast: A good player with the ball in his hands, but not sure he'll be good enough to merit getting the ball in his hands at the next level. Needs a lot of polish and at this point I think you're better off trying to make him into a return specialist than count on him as a receiver. COuld make a nice backup on offense, but not sure he can consistently get open to utilize his YAC potential. See him as a fourth receiver that will need to show prowess on special teams to stick in the pros.

ATL Forecast: He'd be worth a shot for Atlanta because of his potential to replace Norwood and/or Douglas on special teams. But would just be a fourth option here, and not a very productive one. Could provide occasionally big plays, but probably mostly would need to be used on screens and reverses to facilitate them. He's a role player basically that adds limited depth offensively.

Value: With his return potential, makes him a nice late round option. I'd try to nab him in the seventh.
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