Kenny McKinley, WR, South Carolina

Scouting Reports of wide receivers in the 2009 NFL draft.
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Kenny McKinley, WR, South Carolina

Postby Pudge » Mon Nov 15, 2010 12:30 am

Kenny McKinley
6-0/190 South Carolina
4.44 Senior

Pros: Has good, soft, reliable hands. Has natural receiving instincts. Does a good job attacking the ball in the air and has good body control. Has good speed and quickness. Is a nice route-runner that does a nice job finding soft spots in the zone. Knows how to shield himself to take a hit and not afraid to go over the middle. Has experience as a punt returner.

Cons: Lacks size and is undersized. Can get pushed around when making grabs in traffic. At times is tentative about contact. Doesn't give you much as a blocker due to lack of strength.

Overview: He's listed at 190, but looked like he played much closer to 180, so probably has added some strength. He's a good possession target with nice speed that has starting potential. Production slipped as a senior due to inconsistency at QB for Gamecocks.

NFL Forecast: If he can refine his route-running and get stronger, then he can be a solid starter. Isn't a great playmaker, but is a nice safety net for quarterback. At the very least should be one of the better third wideouts in the league. The type of guy that could catch 50-60 balls a year. Not really going to be a playmaker, but is a poor man's Marvin Harrison. But is probably closer in value to a player like Dennis Northcutt. Probably would work better in the slot than on the outside. He's probably a player that will be able to work himself into the lineup by his third season. But may not give you much value on special teams in the meantime.

ATL Forecast: McKinley is a very similar player to Harry Douglas and would fill a similar role as Douglas a slot receiver. He would give the Falcons a very valuable fourth wideout that can play the slot opposite Douglas when the team goes to three wideouts. I don't really think he's a better player than Douglas, but there really isn't a need to have two versions of similar players, particularly since McKinley isn't that valuable on special teams.

Value: McKinley is a solid fourth round pick for a team looking to bolster it's slot receiver.
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