Jamarko Simmons, WR, Western Michigan

Scouting Reports of wide receivers in the 2009 NFL draft.
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Jamarko Simmons, WR, Western Michigan

Postby Pudge » Mon Nov 15, 2010 12:29 am

Jamarko Simmons
6-2/231 Western Michigan
4.50 Senior

Pros: Has good size and hands. Does a nice job extending for ball and attacking it in the air. Does well in traffic, using his size and strength well. Shows good toughness and deceptive quickness as a runner after the catch. Can be tough to jam because of his size.

Cons: Drops some passes. Lacks speed and quickness and struggles to separate. Is just an average blocker for his size and seems to give minimal effort there. Needs to improve his route running. Gets a poor release because he lacks burst.

Overview: He's a big target that probably benefits more from his size playing in the MAC than his skill. Started out at running back at WMU but moved to wideout during his sophomore year.

NFL Forecast: If he can impact early on special teams he stands a good chance of sticking. He's one of those players that probably doesn't rise higher than fourth on the depth chart, but could be a nice 20-catch guy at the next level. Reminds me of Malcom Floyd (Chargers). He's not really a playmaker, but if you polish up his route-running and he gets more consistent, he'll be an OK option due to his size. Some teams might look at him as a potential H-back prospect, but I doubt he sticks there even if he were to bulk up. Just not a good enough blocker there.

ATL Forecast: His best hope in Atlanta is providing help on special teams coverage as a potential replacement for finneran there. He could be a decent fourth option for the team, but probably wouldn't excel here. More likely to be able to stick on the practice squad, but lacks upside that is really worth develop.

Value: I wouldn't draft him, but definitely worth a look in camp.
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