Patrick Turner, WR, Southern California

Scouting Reports of wide receivers in the 2009 NFL draft.
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Patrick Turner, WR, Southern California

Postby Pudge » Mon Nov 15, 2010 12:28 am

Patrick Turner
6-5/221 USC
4.59 Senior

Pros: A big target that has pretty good hands. Does a good job on slants and works well in traffic, using his size to shield defender. Has potential as a route runner. Is a capable blocker due to his size. Shows some physicality after the catch as a runner.

Cons: Body catches too many passes. Not as physical as his size would merit. Overly relies on his height rather than attacking ball in the air, and doesn't time his jumps well. Not going to give you much after the catch because he lacks burst and speed. Will have trouble getting separation at the next level for similar reasons.

Overview: If he wasn't 6-5 and didn't go to USC, you wouldn't hear much about him. He's not a go-to threat in their offense, and has been plagued by inconsistency throughout his career. Never really was playmaker for the Trojans, despite hype, but was more productive as a senior than before.

NFL Forecast: Turner has potential to develop as a special teams player and might make an OK redzone target. But he lacks the natural receiving skills that give him a lot of upside at the next level. Teams will give him a chance because of his size, but that's really all he has. He flashes ability at times, but is not nearly consistent enough to be able to beat out the wealth of talented receivers elsewhere in the league. If he can impact on special teams coverage, he stands a chance of sticking long enough to become an average No. 4 target.

ATL Forecast: Outside their size and speed, there are few similarities between Turner and finneran. finneran was a natural receiver that uses his size to optimum efficiency. Turner does not. And this why Turner wouldn't ever be as good a receiver finneran was here in Atlanta. The best Turner could hope for would to be as good a receiver finneran is now when there's very little left in the tank. So unless he is a top special teams player, he won't last long here. He's a lot like Kevin Youngblood, but probably not even that good.

Value: Some team may draft Turner because of his size, but he's really just an undrafted free agent.
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