Mike Wallace, WR, Pittsburgh

Scouting Reports of wide receivers in the 2009 NFL draft.
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Mike Wallace, WR, Pittsburgh

Postby Pudge » Mon Nov 15, 2010 12:26 am

Mike Wallace
6-1/194 Mississippi
4.28 Senior

Pros: Has good vertical speed and can stretch defenses. Does a nice job tracking the deep ball in the air. Has nice hands. Is a capable kickoff returner and also a good player on reverses due to speed. Is a willing blocker.

Cons: Tends to be one-dimensional. Undersized and just an average blocker. Needs to improve his route-running and show he's a capable receiver on short and intermediate routes. Dances too much looking for the big play.

Overview: He's a good vertical threat, but at this point is a bit too one- dimensional. But was Ole Miss's second best playmaker besides Dexter McCluster.

NFL Forecast: Wallace will work in an offense as a reserve that gets a few snaps per game lining up on the outside and sending him deep. He'll be a good fit for Al Davis, who loves his type of player. But really needs to add polish to prove he can do more than just stretch defenses. At this point, I think he'll only a backup option that may be able to catch 20-25 passes a year. But his best value might be as a kickoff returner due to his good long speed rather than on offense. Lacks a starter's upside, and at best might be a decent No. 3 option for a team similar to Devery Henderson.

ATL Forecast: Wallace could add a big play element to the Falcons offense and also help as a kickoff returner, but doesn't really have a lot of upside to develop offensively. He'd be a decent fourth option off the bench that could stretch defenses, but won't really be a consistent weapon.

Value: Wallace is a solid late round pick that I'd probably take in the sixth round, but no sooner, unless I really liked his kickoff return potential.
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