Don't forget Deangelo Williams hope he drops to Falcons

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Don't forget Deangelo Williams hope he drops to Falcons

Postby thescout » Sun Oct 02, 2005 3:40 am

Looking at the potential running backs in the 1st Reggie Bush,Lyndell White,Maroney and you can add Deangelo Williams right at the top.He doesn't get a lot of pub but after seeing him play last year one game he is a big guy who has blazing speed.The other players looked slower than him and could break it all the way.Williams is 217 pounds runs in the 4.3.Keep an eye out for him.I am not sure how I would rank the list of running backs I just mentioned but here goes.

1.Deangelo Williams

You have to remember USC always has a great off line so Bush and White should get alot of yards.Maroney and Williams get less pub but should be the 2 premier running backs in the draft.Bush is an all purpose back I am not sure he can take the pounding but in a 2 back system(like atlanta's) would be perfect.Unfortuantly the titans with Chow will select him regardless.

I know Warrick Dunn has speed but if there is a shot at any of the top 3 the Falcon's have got to seriously think about trading up.These players are difference makers altohugh I would hope a def end or corner would be available.

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