Question on the Huddle Report

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Question on the Huddle Report

Postby the scout » Tue Jan 11, 2005 12:02 am

Pudge I have a question about the Huddle Report,I signed up and saw your needs area for each team.You have safety,guard,def end and wide recevier.What happened to tackle I believe is the biggest weakness on the whole team.I would rank our weaknesses as tackle (we need 2 of them),safety,def end,guard.Shaffer is terrbile at pass protection and Weiner is not much better.Safety and def end I absolutely agree with since the pass def is terrible.Guard I also agree with but tackle has got to be in there.

Safety,if Thomas Davis were there in the first would you take him? From my understanding he still has alot to learn on pass defense and no question is the best run stop safety out there.I just think a guy like Jammal Brimmer or the guy from Oklahoma even though they didn't play well in the bowl game if available in round 2 you have to take him.Safety is to high in round 1 with the questions Thomas Davis has.

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Postby Pudge » Tue Jan 11, 2005 6:20 pm

A lot of questions, and you shall receive several answers...

What happened to tackle I believe is the biggest weakness on the whole team.I would rank our weaknesses as tackle (we need 2 of them)...Shaffer is terrbile at pass protection and Weiner is not much better.

If a OT is struggle, if you upgrade the quality player to the inside of him, his play will improve. IMO, a bad guard is a bad guard, and no matter the reshuffling you do to the line, won't really help. But for an OT, you can help him out by securing the positon just to the inside of him, and you will usually see his play improve. I dont' think you can correctly gauge Shaffer's play (which I also think you are slightly exaggerating) because he had chopped liver playing beside him. I like Moore, but he's a marginal NFL player. Bibla and Garza showed this year that both are really backups pretending to be starters. Herndon is in the same boat. I think you upgrade the LG position, and you will see Shaffer's play improve significantly. I don't have a mindset that Shaffer will develop into an All-Pro, but I can live with him on the left side for the time being, until we get someone in here that is better.

Weiner has had back to back down years after a very solid 2002 season to kick off his Falcons career. I think Weiner is no great RT, but I think he's one of the better ones in the league (i.e. above average to good on most days). He's upgradeable, but I think we too can live him at RT for the next year or two.

My issue is with LG which I think is our weakness position. Mookie Moore, Travis Claridge, Roberto Garza, Steve Herndon. Which of these guys is an actual NFL quality starter? None of them are. Shaffer has shown he can hold his own. As for these other 4 guys, never have they ever really looked like steady starters in this league. We really need help here. If OT, as you consider is the biggest need, then that leaves a hole at LG that teams will continue to exploit, which will bring the entire left side (Shaffer or whomever) down as well.

Safety,if Thomas Davis were there in the first would you take him?

I'm not sure, since I haven't seen a lot of Davis. From the little I have seen, he looks like to me more to be a OLB than a safety. But that's partly why I think he would be a worthy option for us. I think that's what we need at the SS position, a guy that can play in the box and act as an extra linebacker. Neither Scott nor Hall are physical playmakers at their starting spots. We need an enforcer that makes his presence felt on the field, both in the secondary and near the line of scrimmage. Davis has some growing to do, and I would never expect him to become a stud in coverage, but he could become decent there. After all, Donovan Darius has had the same problems in the NFL, and I'd much rather have Davis than Darius.

I'm not a big fan of taking safeties very early in the draft, but that usually applies to the Top 15-20 picks. Davis is considered to be a step down Roy Williams, which is the type of player I'm looking for.

Do I think the Falcons will take Davis in Round 1? No. And that's for a variety of reasons. I believe 1) McKay thinks as you and I do in that there are probably a lot of quality safeties to be found in the middle rounds 2) McKay has a history of picking of D-linemen in Round 1, and considering a sizeable need there for us, that is much more likely 3) I also believe Davis will be long gone before we pick. We currently hold the 27th pick, and I see Davis going somewhere between picks #10 and #25. Really the only teams in that stretch that I think would not be likely to draft Davis are: Carolina (#14), Rams (#22), and Seahawks (#23). Now there are other teams that probably would look elsewhere before they took a run-stopping safety (or possible WLB) like Davis, but we won't really know until after the first month of free agency, if they've fixed some of their more pressing needs which would free up a luxury such as taking Davis.

At this juncture, I'd rather have Matt Roth, but there aren't a lot of other players I forsee sticking around #27 that I think would be more obvious choices than Davis.
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