NFL DraftBlitz Mock Draft - Jamaal Anderson to Falcons

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NFL DraftBlitz Mock Draft - Jamaal Anderson to Falcons

Postby thescout » Thu Jan 11, 2007 9:47 pm

Speak of the devil I started the Anderson thread and next I look Anderson is the Falcon's pick in the mock draft. Joe Staley in teh second and Aaron Rouse in the 3rd. I wonder if Minnesota needs a def end since Anderson could go to them other wise should be there for the Falcon's. Draft blitz seems to like Anderson alot and he would solidfy a pass rush def end for years.

1. Oakland Raiders - JaMarcus Russell (QB) LSU:
Analysis: Oakland is definitely a team in absolute shambles. Even though they just signed Brooks, last year, Al Davis will fall in love with the cannon on Russell. JaMarcus Russell is a little raw, but he has improved immensely over the past year and has an amazing upside. Look for Al Davis to grab this rocket- armed quarterback to anchor his team for many years to come.

2. Detroit Lions - Brady Quinn (QB) Notre Dame:
Analysis: Another easy pick here. While the Lions desperately need offensive line, franchise quarterbacks don't come around all day. Quinn has all the qualities you love to see in a quarterback. He has good size and good arm and is the most cerebral quarterback in the draft. And to those who say “Brady Quinn can't win the big game", remember: That was the same knock on John Elway.

3/4. Cleveland Browns - Adrian Peterson (RB) Oklahoma
Analysis: This pick is hard to predict. Cleveland has bigger needs than a running back, but this franchise still feels scorned after passing on LT a few years back. Regardless, Adrian Peterson will definitely upgrade the running game. He has great power and speed. Peterson has rare vision that allows him to get to a hole very quickly. Peterson’s presence will take a lot of pressure off of Charlie Frye and allow him to manage games, instead of try to win them.

3/4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Calvin Johnson (WR) Georgia Tech
Analysis: The Buccaneers are a team that is struggling to find an identity on offense. Galloway is the only really consistent weapon and he is getting older. Calvin Johnson can step in and be a force to be reckoned with. He has great hands and can run any route. Calvin Johnson continues to work hard and is a consummate team player. It is rare to see a star wide receiver that is not a primadonna, these days. Look for Johnson to make an immediate impact in Tampa.

5. Arizona Cardinals - Joe Thomas (OT) Wisconsin
Analysis: This pick is as close to a no brainer as it gets. Arizona’s offensive line is the one thing that is really holding the team back. They are awful. Joe Thomas would have been a top 15 pick last year before he got hurt. This year, he made a full recovery and is the best tackle in the draft. Thomas is athletic and could probably move to right tackle to protect Leinart’s blindside. Thomas will be a good starting point to rebuild the much maligned offensive line.

6. Washington Redskins - Gaines Adams (DE) Clemson
Analysis: The Redskins are jumping with glee when they see Adams is still on the board. Gaines is the best defensive player in the draft, this year. He draws great similarities to Jason Taylor. He compliments great athleticism with a high motor. The most impressive quality is his ability to play the run. With the Redskins being last in the NFL in sacks, Gaines Adams will add a much needed presence on the defensive line.

7. Minnesota Vikings - Dwayne Jarrett (WR) USC
Analysis: While Johnson is the number 1 receiver in the draft; Dwayne Jarrett may be 1b. He is not the fastest receiver, but he catches anything in the vicinity. Jarrett runs great routes for a man his size and can adjust as well as anyone in the draft. The Vikings lack any playmakers on the offensive side of the ball. Expect to see Jarrett step in from day one and contribute. As awful as the receiver class was last year; it is that strong this year.

8. Houston Texans - Alan Branch (DT) Michigan
Analysis: Last year, Gary Kubiak, and the Houston front office, made a concerted effort to build this team’s defense. Mario Williams played a lot better than his stats showed and Demeco Ryans was the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year. That sentiment should be echoed throughout this draft as well. Alan Branch would be a great compliment to Mario Williams. He would draw away double team and could stuff the run as well as rush the passer. Branch is the best defensive tackle in the draft and will no doubt be a force to be reckoned with at the next level.

9. Miami Dolphins - Leon Hall (CB) Michigan
Analysis: While the Miami front seven is one of the best in football, the secondary needs a lot of work. They safeties are average and the corners are probably below average. If they want to achieve respectability, they need work on getting the secondary patched up. Leon Hall would be a great corner to assist them. He had a tough game against Ohio State, but he is still perhaps the best corner in the draft. Look for him to be very physical and give the pass rush even more time to get to the quarterback. He has a knack for making plays and will make quite a few at the next level.

10. Atlanta Falcons - Jamaal Anderson (DE) Arkansas
Analysis: It remains to be seen if Bobby Petrino was a good hire; but this team is too talented to be drafting at #10. While many will blame Vick for the teams collapse, much of the blame has to go squarely on the defense. There is great turmoil on a defense that could not stop anyone. Defensive end is a question mark for the Falcons. Kearney will be a free agent soon and John Abraham is never healthy. Another defensive end could definitely be used. Anderson is a guy with good size and so much athleticism that he was recruited as receiver! He also has the size to play defensive tackle on nickel situations. He is an all around great player and should do very well at the next level.

11. San Francisco 49ers - Ted Ginn Jr. (WR) Ohio State
Analysis: Even though the 49rs ended 6-8, on must be impressed with the job Mike Nolan has done. He had this team with a legit shot at the playoffs late into the season. Alex Smith showed signs of finally maturing into the player he was expected to be. It is now time to get him some weapons. Even though Ginn is not a very polished receiver, he is very good at getting down field and make big plays. He will fit in nicely in the Bay area.

12. Buffalo Bills - Patrick Williams (ILB) Ole Miss
Analysis: The Bills are another team that is staring into a bright future. They came within a few games of making the playoffs and really started clicking. JP Losman has showed his potential and the defense started playing better. However, London Fletcher is getting older and probably will not be back. Patrick Willis is an animal and will be a great successor to London Fletcher. Look for him to thrive in the Buffalo defense.

13. St. Louis Rams - Quinn Pitcock (DT) Ohio State
Analysis: Jim Haslett took a step in the right direction with the Rams. He had the defense playing aggressive and smart. Look for the Rams to give him more weapons to work with. Quinn Pitcock is a very good defensive tackle. While he does not do anything spectacular, he does everything well. He can penetrate and stop the run. Pitcock will add a presence to Leonard Little and upgrade the defense in St. Louis.

14. Carolina Panthers - LaRon Landry (S) LSU
Analysis: The Panthers were a huge disappointment this year. Many expected them to make it to the Super Bowl and they failed to make the playoffs. Even though the Panthers have a pair of bookend corners, the safeties are in need of an upgrade. Landry boosted his stock tremendously with a great showing in the Sugar Bowl. He can cover a lot of ground as well as be effective in run support. He will be a great addition to the Panthers secondary.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers - Justin Blalock (OG) Texas
Analysis: This year, Pittsburgh has lacked a dominate run game. Its not that Willie Parker has done poorly, but they have not dictated what they are going to do. Much of that is do to the offensive line. Alan Faneca is one of the best guards in the NFL, but there is a bit of a drop after him. Blalock can either play right tackle or guard; He will give Cower a lot of versatility when it comes to the offensive line. This pick would become even more vital if Starks leaves in free agency. Look for Blalock to join Faneca in beating up on opponents and establishing the dominate run game we are used to seeing.

16. Green Bay Packers - Marshawn Lynch (RB) California
Analysis: McCarthy is another first year head coach that has done a great job, this year. He took a team that few took seriously and had them on the brink of the playoffs. However, there are some spots that could definitely be upgraded. Lynch is a running back that will thrive in the Packer’s scheme. He is a tough runner that will get up- field very quickly. His style will do very well in Green Bay

17. Jacksonville Jaguars - Brian Brohm (QB) Louisville
Analysis: The Jaguars this year may be the most talented team that did not make the playoffs. The Achilles heal of the Jags was the glorious inconsistency they played with. No other position epitomized inconsistency more than the quarterback position. They had 3 starters and none of them produced favorable results. Brian Brohm is one of the best quarterbacks in the nation. He has a great arm and amazing intangibles. He can bring a consistent approach that this team currently lacks. I fully expect the Jags to rebound and don’t be shocked if they do it with Brohm at the helm.

18. Cincinnati Bengals - Charles Johnson (DE) Georgia
Analysis: The Cincinnati Bengals are another team that should have made it into the playoffs. However, the defense was way too inconsistent. After attending the Chick Filet Bowl, there is no doubt Johnson is a beast. He can rush the passer and stuff the run. He has enough size to play as defensive tackle on nickel and dime situations. He has all the tools to be a dynamic force in the NFL.

19. Tennessee Titans - Reggie Nelson (S) Florida
Analysis: Tennessee is a team that has a bright future ahead of them. They have a quarterback that can win football games and a young nucleus of players. Reggie Nelson would give them one more playmaker to a young unit. Nelson may be the best safety in the draft. He flies to the football and just makes plays. He would a dynamic presence in the secondary that will help them achieve the success they had a few years ago

20. New York Giants - Darrelle Revis (CB) Pittsburgh
Analysis: The Giant’s are a team that really never deserved to be in the playoffs. They played selfish and dumb football. They led the NFL in personal fouls and just looked disinterested… and that was the start of it. The secondary played awful and still does not look good. Revis is a good football player now, but has the potential to be outstanding. He is good in zone, but his physicality and athleticism makes him amazing n man-to-man. Revis will add spunk to the secondary that is lacking just that.

21. Denver Broncos - Quentin Moses (DE) Georgia
Analysis: Denver is a team that ended the season as a disappointment, but still has a very bright future. The 2006 rookie class made great contributions. However, the defensive line still needs to be upgraded. Moses is a great athlete. He has been known to be caught out of position on the run however, much of that may be coaching and scheme. Moses is by far the best athlete at defensive and will add a \ dynamic presence on the edge. Expect the 2007 draft to focus on the defensive side of the football.

22. Dallas Cowboys - Michael Griffin (S) Texas
Analysis: Tony Romo was not the only reason that this team had such an early exit. Much of the blame had to do with the defensive side of the football. The safeties played absolutely terrible down the stretch. Roy Williams may be the most overrated player in the NFL. He is terrible in coverage and not nearly as good in run support as advertised. Griffin is another do-it-all safety that does everything well. He is an absolute ballhawk and can stop the run as well. He will add a consistent body in the secondary that they currently lack.

23. Kansas City Chiefs - Jared Gaither (OT) Maryland
Analysis: I am still trying to comprehend how the Chiefs got man handled by the worst defense in football. It was pitiful how they played. The absence of Willie Roaf was very evident. Gaither is a mammoth of a man with great athleticism. He would protect Trent Green and help Larry Johnson run. Gaither is still very young and has the potential to be even more dominating than he is now.

24. New England Patriots (from Seattle) LaMarr Woodley (DE) Michigan
Analysis: New England is always the first team writes off even though they have been consistent for such a long time. However, the defense is aging and needs to get some new parts to groom. Woodley is a typical Patriots player. He may not have the best measurable, but he always makes plays. Woodley anchored one of the best defenses in the nation. He has perfect size to be a 3-4 outside linebacker. Belichek will love with his style and his class and will have no qualms about drafting him.

25. New Orleans Saints - Paul Posluszny (OLB) Penn State
Analysis: You can't give Payton enough credit for the job he has done. He took the laughing stock of football and got them to the playoffs. The offense was one of the most prolific offenses we have seen in years. The defense however, does have holes. Paul Posluszny is the type of player that can anchor this defense and give it credibility. After being slowed by injury, Posluszny has come on late to be the dominate force he was pre injury. He is a high character, high motor guy that is always around the football. Look for him to be the same force in the NFL.

26. New York Jets - Daymeion Hughes (CB) California
Analysis: Mangini has also done a great job in his first year as head coach. The Jets are low on talent but they made the playoffs. Look for Mangini to really focus on getting better defensive personnel. Hughes is a very physical corner. He was able to dominate in a conference ruled by offensive production. He is very physical and loves contact. He has the perfect size and coverage skills. He will be a much needed addition to the Jets secondary.

27. Philadelphia Eagles - Lawrence Timmons (OLB) Florida State
Analysis: Even though the defense has played well this year; they are getting old. It is definitely time to get fresh blood in the draft. Timmons is a typical Florida State defensive player. He is a beast. He flies around the field and is always around the ball. He can take over for Dhani Jones and start right away. Timmons can thrive, with his athleticism, in Jim Johnson's defense.

28. New England Patriots - Robert Meachem (WR) Tennessee
Analysis: The shocking thing about Tom Brady this year is that he led this team without a number one receiver. Robert Meacham is a true number one receiver. He can go across the middle and take a hit, or stretch the field. Meacham has great hands and he runs very nice routes. He will give Brady what he lost since Deion Branch was traded. Meacham will be another piece to the puzzle to back to the Super Bowl.

29. Indianapolis Colts - Tank Tyler (DT) NC State
Analysis: Even though the Indy defense was lights out, against KC; they are still bad. The line is weak at the point of attack and needs a lot of work. Tyler is a beast inside. He excels at stopping the run but can get after the quarterback. He will add a force on the inside of the line that will help establish consistency and respectability.

30. Baltimore Ravens - Arron Sears (OL) Tennessee
Analysis: The Ravens are nasty, this year. They just completely dictate what goes on at the field. The defensive line just dominates the point of attack. Conversely however, the offensive line still needs work. Sears is a tackle with the size to play guard and the athleticism to play tackle. He will step in right away to protect McNair's back side and help in run support.

31. Chicago Bears - Sidney Rice (WR) South Carolina
Analysis: Rice is yet another stud in an amazing wide receiver class. Rice has great size and is only going to get better. He may have more potential than any other receiver in the draft. He will give Rex a big target over the middle and deep down the field. With Rice, Berrian and Clark; Chicago will have a very potent offense to go with their stout defense.

32. San Diego Chargers - Dwayne Bowe (WR) LSU
Analysis: The Chargers have a very good team, but they could still use a true game changing receiver. Bowe is capable of being that receiver. He is big and can run all the routes. He is not the fastest but he can get separation and has good hands. Look for San Diego to love this guy coming out in April.
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Postby Pudge » Thu Jan 11, 2007 10:48 pm

The Bucs, Vikings, Redskins, and maybe even Texans are the most likely teams to be looking at a DE in the Top 10. The Bucs will likely release Simeon Rice this off-season, and if they don't re-sign Dewayne WHite, they'll have a huge hole at that position. The Vikings haven't gotten much from their 2 #1 picks: Udeze and James, so they might be tentative to draft another one, but neither of those players is in the same caliber as either Adams or Anderson. If the Redskins don't spend big on a DE in free agency, then DE will likely become their focus in the draft. It's their No. 1 need IMO. The Texans will likely try and upgrade their pass rush as well, but probably won't draft a DE. But they could be in the mix if they settle some of their other issues in free agency.

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The way I see it !

Postby thescout » Thu Jan 11, 2007 11:08 pm

The way I see it some one very good is going to slide to the Falcons and that doesn't inlcude the safeties Nelson or Landry. Just the thought of a guy like Alan Branch,Adrian peterson(once declares), Anderson,Adams is what the doctor ordered. Everyone keeps saying it starts up front this could be a draft where the def gets a real boost with a pass rusher or elite run stopper.

Now if peterson were to drop I have no second thoughts of drafting him either he is a workhorse and would really set up petrino's offense. I just hope arthur blank doesn't go and do somethign stupid and resign kerney at above average contract and blow more cap dollars. We you get a shot at a high upside pass rusher you take him or a run stuffer like alan branch. Eother way it comes out the Falcon's are in a win win situation and that doesn't even include the safeties nelson or landry.
Sometimes running the Mularkey offense makes me feel like I'm in a prison.

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