Draft shuffle at top affects Falcons

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Draft shuffle at top affects Falcons

Postby Pudge » Fri Apr 22, 2005 4:10 pm

Here are some rumors about what trades might happen in the Top 10:

NFL Draft Scout wrote:The real question of the draft, of course, resides with the next few picks. We're hearing that the Dolphins will take Ronnie Brown if forced to remain at this #2 overall pick, but are working the phone lines in an effort to trade down. There is absolutely truth to the rumor that the Bucs are considering moving up to the #2 spot for Aaron Rodgers, as well as truth that the Vikings are considering trading their two first round picks (#7, 18) in an effort to land Braylon Edwards. If available, the Browns will select Edwards with the 3rd selection. If Edwards is gone and Rodgers is still available, he will be a consideration, but the Browns would like to trade out of the pick instead. Cleveland would like to move down and have David Pollack rated higher than most. At four, the Bears are reportedly still deciding between RB Cedric Benson and WR Mike Williams. They’d love for Braylon Edwards to be there, but it doesn’t appear he will. Benson seems the likelier choice now, as there is concern how the Florida native and former Trojan Williams would transition to cold and windy Chicago. Should Tampa remain at five, they’d take Rodgers if he was available. The more likely scenario has Tampa choosing between Mike Williams and Cedric Benson, in which case we believe they’ll take Williams. If Miami had traded down to #5, it is entirely possible that the player they wanted – Ronnie Brown – would still be on the board…

If you don't think the Top 10 has much importance for the Falcons, then you are wrong. Of course we discussed the possibility of T.J. Duckett going to Miami in exchange for a #2 pick. It's a stretch, but a slight possibility, and McKay/Saban would be fools to at least no consider it for a few minutes over the next 24 hours.

Also the way the QBs fall will determine how the bottom half Round 1 and top half of Round 2 go. As you know, most teams up until the past few weeks thought there was a good chance Jason Campbell and Charlie Frye would both be available in Round 2, but it seems the latest maneuvers challenges this, as if both the Packers and REdskins stay put at #24 and #25, both players could go there.

But know that Miami and Cleveland are two 2 teams interested in a QB (just may not be in interested in Rodgers or Smith) and would probably like to get one of these two guys as well. Titans (#37) and Cards (#44) might also be in the mix. If however, GB and/or WAS choose to pass on either player, you may see some team try to jump into the latter part of round one to get them while they can. Washington is the stronger choice of passing on Campbell, since reportedly they are trying to use the #25 pick in order to move up and take Mike Williams.

Also the latest is that the Surtain deal with MIA/KC has been completed, and the Dolphins will get a #2 (#46) from KC in exchange for the CB. Reportedly, the two teams swapped 5th round picks as well.

One report is that the Cleveland Browns have David Pollack very highly ranked on their draft board. The Browns are a team that is looking to move down in the draft (as again WASH and MINN are strong candidates to trade up in the Top 3), they may try to take Pollack at #7 or #9.

Here's one trade scenario of the Top 10 with all this in mind:

1. SF - Alex Smith - latest reports say Smith is #1 on their board over Rodgers
2. MIN - Braylon Edwards - the Browns want Edwards at #3 if they can't trade down, so the Vikings will jump up and get the speedy WR they want.
3. WAS - Mike Williams - since Williams could go to TB, the Redskins could leapfrog them in order to get the guy they want.
4. CHI - Cedric Benson - I've known for at least a month that the Bears wanted Benson, and just recently its been "breaking news" to people...
5. TB - Aaron Rodgers - of course some want to think Cadillac goes here, but I don't see Gruden and his QB fetish passing on Rodgers here
6. TEN - Antrel Rolle - they get the corner they want since Dyson signed with SEA.
7. MIA - Ronnie Brown - amazingly still get the back they want. If TB takes him, they would take Rodgers as their #2 option.
8. ARI - Carlos Rogers/Adam Jones - reports say they like Rogers, but Jones is a better fit, so this is a toss up in my mind.
9. CLE - David Pollack - Crennel thinks he's the next Mike Vrabel, but he'll be better.
10. DET - Derrick Johnson - although they want a pass rusher, I don't see them passing on him.

Of course several teams have several options. The Redskins really want Mike Williams, but they could instead sit on their 2 picks and just draft a CB (Rogers?) and QB (Campbell) in Round 1. But knowing Gibbs/Snyder, they will try to maximize the player they want, so I see them as a team that is VERY LIKELY to trade up.

The Vikings are another team that I think if they wish, really have a lot of firepower in trading up esp. with the Dolphins. They can offer them one of their 2 RBs (Smith or Bennett), along with the 7th pick, and probably another middle round pick (3rd or 4th). And if they don't move a RB, they can simply throw in the #18 pick instead. But then again, the Vikings option could be just sit and wait and take Troy Williamson at #7 since Williamson , by most reports, is unlikely to go before pick #11 with exception to the Vikings taking him at their slot. That way they keep their #18 pick and take a DE there (Ware, James, or Pollack).
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