Final Mock Draft Thread lets see what you have!

The year's upcoming draft and the college game can be discussed here.

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Final Mock Draft Thread lets see what you have!

Postby thescout » Fri Apr 22, 2005 2:21 am

This is who I think the falcon's draft.This is not my perosnal draft who I would like but what Mckay probably will do.

1.Shaun Cody
2.Evan Mathias
3.Fred Gibson
4.Donte Nicholson
5.Matt Mccoy
5.Walter Reyes
6.Richie Incognito
7.Jay Ratliff
This is my draft selections:
1.Justin Tuck/roth
2.Evan Mathias
3.Donte Nicholson
4.Darren Sproles
5.Lorenzo Alexander
5.Dustin Fox
6.Richie Incognito
7.Taylor Stubblefield

Lets hope Mckay doesn't come up with questionable picks like he did at Tampa.Last years falcon draft was very good.As you can see my selections focus on the pass rush,a guard to help out left tackle,the secondary with nicholson,a def tackle who can stop the run,a safety in fox that can play corner and safety,a center in Incognito who can play many positions and is versatile despite the head case and a recevier who is under rated.I forgot Sproles many think is to small but the guy can run like the wind and will create as many match up problems as it will him try to block linebackers.I hope some of my players are picked will see!


Here is my take

Postby Mikefalcon63 » Fri Apr 22, 2005 8:04 am


CB/S Marlin Jackson
CB Eric Green
WR Fred Gibson
DE George Gause
OT Wes Britt
LB Kirk Morrison
DT Jay Ratliff
RB Brandon Jacobs


CB/S Marlin Jackson
DT Mike Patterson
CB Corey Webster
OT Chris Colmer
OLB Jordan Beck
WR Brandon Jones
LB Juan Hagler
DT Jay Ratliff

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Postby Falcfanatic » Fri Apr 22, 2005 9:43 am

1. Luis Castillo DT
2. Corey Webster CB
3. Scott Young OG
4. Sione Pouha DT
5. James Butler S
5a. Daniel Loper OT
6. James Kinney ILB/OLB
7. Isaac West WR

We really need some beef in the interior of our DL. We do not match up well against teams with a power rushing attack. Our undersized guys were mauled against Philadelphia. My only other wish would be to resign Travis Hall who call play any position on the DL to add depth & size to the DE position.

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Postby Pudge » Fri Apr 22, 2005 10:57 am

I think right now, depending on how the Top 10 goes, particularly in terms of QBs, the Falcons are in a good spot to trade down 5-10 spots as teams in Round 2 try to move up and get other passers.

McKay's picks:

1. Matt Roth, DE, Iowa
2. Atiyyah Ellison, DT, Missouri
3. Eric Green, CB, Virginia Tech
4. James Butler, S, Georgia Tech
5. Frank Omiyale, T, Tennessee Tech
5. Chris Myers, G, Miami FL
6. Alex Holmes, TE, USC
7. Ryan Moats, RB, Louisiana Tech
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