Close to deadline trades

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Close to deadline trades

Postby Pudge » Wed Apr 20, 2005 12:21 pm

The Redskins acquired the Broncos 1st (#25) in exchange for their 3rd this year and a 1st and 4th next year.

This is going to have a substantial effect on what the Falcons can/cannot do at #27. Reportedly, the Redskins are moving up in order to take Jason Campbell.

This is going to create serious waves. If the Packers were not sure before, now they are pretty sure they will need to take Charlie Frye at #24, since it's doubtful with Campbell off the board before Round 2, Frye will last to their pick at #51.

Or the Packers could now still take a player such as Brodney Pool or a DE at #24, and then hope to use their 2 2nd round picks (#51 & #58) to jump back into the latter part of the 1st round.

So one option for the Falcons may be to oblige the Packers in those move, thus acquiring the #51, #58, along with our #59. 3 2nd round picks. Considering I still think there's going to be some quality talent left available in that portion of the 2nd round, it could still work out in our favor. We could either sit and wait and use our 3 picks in the 2nd round, or we could possible package 1 or 2 of them together and move up to get someone in the early part of the 2nd.

Also the other scenario is that the Broncos, one of the teams that was likely to go DE in Round 1 are now out, and that's one obstacle out of the way. One of the prospects that was pretty sure to between #15-25 is now much more possible to slip to Atlanta at #27. I would say that among these players are David Pollack, Demarcus Ware, and Erasmus James.

With these recent trades, I would say wheeling and dealing is probably a stronger possibility than before in Round 1. I think because of these trades, you may see the Browns (#34), Titans (#37), and possibly Cardinals (#44) as teams looking to move up into the 1st round to get a QB. The option of trading down seems like it got a bit stronger for the Falcons.
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