NFL Draft Blitz has Falcon's taking Adrian Peterson 1st rd!

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NFL Draft Blitz has Falcon's taking Adrian Peterson 1st rd!

Postby thescout » Fri Dec 29, 2006 9:57 pm

Wow, I was going over the draft and where certain players may land and noticed there are alot of teams that have good running backs meaning a guy like peterson may drop and the Falcon's do need a combo back with norwood. A few questions if peterson drops in the draft do the Falcon's draft him? Second do you really want to take a running back no1? Third is peterson dominate enough to be the falcs 1st round pick. Lastly, are you worried about peterson's running style and been injured in the pros because of it?

My opinion if Peterson drops or his workouts leave something to question then yes I would take Peterson if he was available regardless of Norwood. I know the falcon's have other needs but peterson is a guy that blends power and speed and would certainly give other teams to be fearful of him. I so much wanted to draft a def end or safety but remember a back like stephan jackson dropping to the rams when they had faulk.

How good is peterson? Would he be near a ladanion tomlinson? Could the falc off open holes for peterson?

1. Detroit Lions - Brady Quinn QB, Notre Dame:
Analysis: Despite the objections of Lions fans, it seems like the team is seriously considering going the quarterback route with their top pick. Quinn's been getting a bad rap all year as he falls into the trap of a player who's on top for some long, people just start looking for anything to knock him on. A proven winner, there's no reason he can't be a big-time NFL quarterback.

2. Oakland Raiders - *JaMarcus Russell (QB) LSU
Analysis: This is a Raiders kind of pick for sure. Russell may have the most upside of nearly any player in this draft class. He's improved by leaps and bounds this season and possesses the kind of arm strength that's unmatched by nearly any person alive today. He'll need to sit for a bit while he adjusts to the NFL, but he's worth waiting on.

3. Cleveland Browns - *Calvin Johnson (WR) Georgia Tech
Analysis: Here we come to the first real curveball of the draft. Wide receiver isn't really a position of need for the Browns, but they can't pass up on the chance to select an almost can't miss superstar wide receiver to add to their offense. Adding Calvin immediately makes Charlie Frye, Kellen Winslow Jr. and Braylon Edwards that much better.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Gaines Adams DE, Clemson:
Analysis: This is a tough decision for Tampa Bay as they didn't expect to have both Gaines Adams and Joe Thomas still on the board. Ultimately they have to go with Adams who could step in for Simeon Rice without the defense missing a beat. In the NFL today, having pass rushers at the defensive end spot is absolutely critical to a defense.

5. Arizona Cardinals - Joe Thomas OT, Wisconsin
Analysis: Arizona just sits back and has the player they wanted all along fall to them here at five. Thomas is a potential franchise left tackle who has the athletic ability to get down the field and block. A weakspot for years, Thomas does wonders to improve the offensive line and make life easier on Matt Leinart and Edgerrin James.

6. Houston Texans - *Marshawn Lynch (RB) California-
Analysis: Could this be Ricky Williams/Edgerrin James part 2? We think so as the Texans elect to go with Lynch over the arguably higher rated Adrian Peterson. Peterson's injury woes trouble the team here and his upright running style seals the deal. Lynch is a multi-purpose back who can run both inside and outside effectively, while still possessing breakaway speed.

7. Washington Redskins - *Alan Branch (DT) Michigan
Analysis: We don't like to predict trades in our mock drafts, but if we did this pick would almost certainly be headed somewhere else in exchange for a talented but severely overpaid veteran who could do his part to clogs the arteries of the Redskins salary cap for years to come. But since we don't, the Skins take Branch here which almost certainly won't happen because, well it makes sense.

8. Minnesota Vikings - Leon Hall (CB) Michigan
Analysis: This pick comes down to Hall or Dwayne Jarrett for the Vikings, but Hall wins out when the decide that a potential lockdown cornerback is harder to find and more valuable then a potentially very good wide receiver. Hall's not the fastest cornerback in the draft, but he plats physically and has good ball skills.

9. San Francisco 49ers - *Frank Okam (DT) Texas
Analysis: Sources close to the Longhorns program tell us that right now Okam is leaning towards entering the draft. Right now he's a little more potential then production, but his upside is enormous. The 49ers can't pass up the chance to add a potentially disruptive force at defensive tackle.

10. Miami Dolphins - LaRon Landry (S) LSU
Analysis: Typically this level of luxury pick is reserved for better teams, but the Dolphins like the idea of adding Landry to 2006 pick Jason Allen in the defensive secondary, giving them a pair of safeties who can cover wide receivers, play physical at the line and be future team leaders.

11. St. Louis Rams - Quinn Pitcock (DT) Ohio State
Analysis: Sure, the Rams have been down this road before. They've taken a number of defensive tackles in previous first rounds.... but most of those players aren't on the team anymore. Pitcock is a safe selection who may never be an elite defensive tackle, but he'll almost assuredly be a very good one.

12. Atlanta Falcons - *Adrian Peterson (RB) Oklahoma
Analysis: The Falcons must be shocked to see one of the draft's most highly rated players sitting on the board here at 12 and while running back isn't an area of immediate need, he's to good to pass up. Peterson teams with Warrick Dunn and Jerious Norwood to give the Falcons potentially the NFL's top running attack.

13. Carolina Panthers - *Brian Brohm (QB) Louisville
Analysis: Jake Delhomme's struggles this season have been well documented and the Panthers decide that it's the right time to look to the future. His composure and skill-set lend towards Brohm being capable of playing early on in his career, although it would be likely that Delhomme would start the season.

14. Green Bay Packers - *Dwayne Jarrett (WR) USC
Analysis: Greg Jennings has been a wonderful surprise for the team this season, but number one receiver Donald Driver is getting older and he's been dinged up some this year. Jarrett gives the team a future number one receiver who can ease into that role over the next few seasons.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers - Quentin Moses (DE) Georgia
Analysis: Historically the Steelers haven't been a team that liked taking linebackers this early in the draft, but that's what they do here when they see Georgia's Moses still on the board. He has the athletic ability to make the transition from defensive end to outside linebacker in the 3-4 defense where his pass rushing skills can allow him to make an instant impact.

16. New York Giants - *Darrelle Revis (CB) Pitt
Analysis: The Giants completely re-tooled their defensive secondary over this past off-season, but frankly it hasn't done them much good as their skills giving up way to many yards in the air. Revis is a physical corner with good ball skills and he gives the team a player who can eventually become a number one cornerback.

17. Buffalo Bills - *Charles Johnson (DE) Georgia
Analysis: Chris Kelsay is having a solid season for the Bills, but Johnson has the potential to become a 10+ sack guy meaning that teams will have to stop double teaming Aaron Schobel on the other side, which means less time for opposing quarterbacks and a better defense all around.

18. New England Patriots (from Seattle) - Patrick Willis (ILB) Mississippi
Analysis: The Patriots would be shocked to see a top 10 talent like Willis sitting on the board here in the late teens. His combination of size and speed would allow him to play a number of positions in the Pats 3-4 defensive scheme and allow Patrick to contend for defensive rookie of the year honors.

19. Kansas City Chiefs - Justin Blalock (OG) Texas
Analysis: The offensive line has been in disarray for the Chiefs this season and will only get worse as some older players decide to hang them up. Blalock is the type of lineman you can build around. He's likely an offensive guard in the NFL, but could also play the right offensive tackle position if needed.

20. Jacksonville Jaguars - *Jamaal Anderson (DE) Arkansas
Analysis: Jamaal Anderson probably qualifies as the best player that most people don't really know about yet. The 6'6" 280 pound defensive end is a strong athlete who posted 11 sacks for the Razorbacks this season. He has all the makings of a big-time defensive end and don't be surprised to see him shoot up draft boards as we get closer to April.

21. Cincinnati Bengals - Zach Miller (TE) Arizona State
Analysis: The Bengals offense is already one of the best in the NFL, that's with them getting only 20 catches out of their starting tight end. Miller has Todd Heap like potential and could become a favorite of Carson Palmer early on in his career.

22. Tennessee Titans - Daymeion Hughes (CB) California
Analysis: Pacman Jones has the talent to be one of the top five cornerbacks in football, but you never know when he's going to get suspended... or arrested. On the other side Reynaldo Hill is better suited to be a #3 corner in the NFL. Hughes has good size and speed as well as natural ball skills.

23. Dallas Cowboys - Levi Brown (OT) Penn State
Analysis: It seems like the Cowboys have been trying to re-tool their offensive line for the past 10 years now. Brown has the talent to step right in and start at either tackle spot from day one. At the absolute worst he'd provide injury insurance and depth his rookie year.

24. New York Jets - Adam Carriker (DE) Nebraska
Analysis: Versatility is the key word when you talk about Adam Carriker. The 6'6" near 300 pound defensive end can play nearly any defensive line position imaginable. Be it a 4-3 defensive end, a 4-3 defensive tackle or a 3-4 defensive end, he can play them all and be productive.

25. Philadelphia Eagles - *Reggie Nelson (S) Florida
Analysis: The Eagles are a team that puts an emphasis on having a strong defensive backfield. Adding Nelson would allow the Eagles to shift Brian Dawkins over to the strong safety position and prolong his career for another 2-3 years, while the sliding Nelson into the free safety spot and allowing him to cause his own brand of havoc.

26. Denver Broncos - Anthony Spencer (DE) Purdue
Analysis: Spencer may be the most disruptive defensive player in the NCAA right now. He led his team in tackles and sacks, as well as leading the nation in tackles for a loss with 26.5. If you find this kind of defensive playing sitting on the board this late in the first round, you make sure to snatch him up.

27. New Orleans Saints - Amobi Okoye (DT) Louisville
Analysis: Okoye is an interesting player who's being picked as much for what he can become as he is for what he's done thus far. He'll play as a 20 year old rookie in the NFL and should still add another 10 or so pounds to his frame while maintaining his quickness.

28. New England Patriots - Michael Griffin (S) Texas
Analysis: If you're looking to add some youth into an older defense, adding a pair of first rounders like Patrick Willis and Michael Griffin isn't the worst way to go. Griffin is a playmaker at the safety position who can play either the strong or free safety positions.

29. Indianapolis Colts - Paul Posluszny (OLB) Penn State
Analysis: The Colts run-defense has been putrid all season long, so adding the top outside linebacker in the draft is an absolute no-brainier here. Posluszny comes equipped with the type of leadership skills and toughness that should allow him to be a major force for this team in a hurry.

30. Baltimore Ravens - Troy Smith (QB) Ohio State
Analysis: During the course of doing interviews we've had the chance to ask some current college players who they would pick if they had the first pick in the draft. Over 85% of them answered Troy Smith. You won't find a more ringing endorsement then that.

31. Chicago Bears - *Robert Meachem (WR) Tennessee
Analysis: Mushin Muhammad isn't a true number one anymore, so the Bears go with the player on the board who has the best chance to eventually step into that role. Meachem is similar to a guy like Javon Walker with his combination of size and speed.

32. San Diego Chargers - *Ted Ginn (WR) Ohio State
Analysis: The Chargers offense already has a lot of pieces in place, but adding a guy like Ginn could take them to the next level. We just can't imagine how an opposing defense could contend with Phil Rivers, LaDanian Tomlinson, Antonio Gates, Vincent Jackson, Keenan McCardell and Ted Ginn. It's just to much. Ginn would have a field day with teams playing 8 or 9 in the box trying to stop LT.

Second Round:

33. Detroit Lions - Doug Free (OT) Northern Illinois
34. Oakland Raiders - Tank Tyler (DT) N.C. State
35. Cleveland Browns - *Antoine Cason (CB) Arizona
36. Tampa Bay Bucs - Aaron Ross (CB) Texas
37. Arizona Cardinals - Eric Weddle (S) Utah
38. Houston Texans - Brandon Meriweather (S) Miami (Fl)
39. New York Jets (From Washington) - LaMarr Woodley (DE/OLB) Michigan
40. Minnesota Vikings - Jeff Samardzija (WR) Notre Dame
41. San Francisco 49ers - *Anthony Gonzalez (WR) Ohio State
42. Miami Dolphins - Rufus Alexander (OLB) Oklahoma
43. St. Louis Rams - *Tom Zbikowski (S) Notre Dame
44. Atlanta Falcons - *Red Bryant (DT) Texas A&M
45. Carolina Panthers - Buster Davis (ILB) Florida State
46. Green Bay Packers - Josh Gattis (S) Wake Forest
47. Pittsburgh Steelers - Ben Grubbs (OG) Auburn
48. New York Giants - Kenny Irons (RB) Auburn
49. Buffalo Bills - Arron Sears (OT) Tennessee
50. Seattle Seahawks - Samson Satele (OG) Hawaii
51. Kansas City Chiefs - Jason Hill (WR) Washington State
52. Jacksonville Jaguars - *Greg Olsen (TE) Miami
53. Cincinnati Bengals - Victor Abiamiri (DE) Notre Dame
54. Tennessee Titans - Dwayne Bowe (WR) LSU
55. Dallas Cowboys - Kyle Young (OL) Fresno State
56. New York Jets - Fred Bennett (CB) South Carolina
57. Philadelphia Eagles - H.B. Blades (LB) Pittsburgh
58. Denver Broncos - Michael Bush (RB) Louisville
59. New Orleans Saints - Ameer Ismail (OLB) Western Michigan
60. New England Patriots - Johnnie Lee Higgins (WR) UTEP
61. Tampa Bay Bucs (From Indianapolis) - Drew Stanton (QB) Michigan State
62. Baltimore Ravens - Brian Leonard (FB) Rutgers
63. Chicago Bears - Clark Harris (TE) Rutgers
64. San Diego Chargers - John Wendling (S) Wyoming
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