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Latest on Vince Carter

Postby Pudge » Thu Apr 14, 2005 1:21 am

NFL Draft Scout wrote:OKLAHOMA senior center VINCE CARTER is not considered to be 100% healthy heading into the draft by many teams... most of whom feel that he may now spend all or most of his rookie campaign on the PUP or IR list... it is more than likely that he will not be selected, but rather signed by a team that gives him a two-way contract based on his health... 2-3 years from now he could prove to be a worthwhile investment, as he had a solid college career and if he can get his knee problems resolved should become a good NFL backup.

Sounds similar to the situation with Matt O'Neal a few years back. The Falcons scored O'Neal as an undrafted rookie. Although I think O'Neal went undrafted not due to injury but because he was so small (like 275 pounds), but was a highly rated center. He missed his rookie year due to an injury and the Falcons got him back the second year.

I suspect many teams will be going hard after Carter in undrafted free agency, possibly with a team having the gonads to draft him in Round 7. He's a gifted player, that like some other prospects like Wesley Britt, have seen their draft stock fall significantly because they are hurt.
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My eye is on Jason Brown

Postby thescout » Thu Apr 14, 2005 2:38 am

He is from North Carolina and is a beast when it comes to strength.The Falcon's need a center that doesn't get pushed around,Vince Carter there will be teams after him if he doesn't get drafted.The Falcon's need someone to replace Mclure and hold up against the big def tackles they face!

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