First round '07

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First round '07

Postby DenimJacket » Sun Dec 03, 2006 6:16 am

If we are able to trade Schaub for a mid first, or close, I think I have decided on the two picks I want to happen the most. Yes, it is early and I could change my mind but after scouting these two players I seriously doubt it.

Safety Nelson University of Florida
Defensive End Woodley University of Michigan

This assumes Nelson comes out and my guess is he will due to the position he will be drafted.

Some other players I really like (not first round) are:
- Satelle OG University of Hawaii
- Kahil C University Southern California
- Mozes C University West Virginia
- Weddle S University of Utah
- Durant LB Hampton University

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Postby Pudge » Mon Dec 04, 2006 12:23 am

The Falcons have neglected OL in the early rounds too much in the past 2 years, I hope they don't do it for a third. I don't need a 1st round pick used on a OL (although I have a no-homo man crush on Jake Long) :wink: But a 3rd round pick I can be happy with. Someone like Mozes I'd like to get to eventually (or immedaitely if he's not re-signed) replace McCLure at center. I just can't get why there are so many top programs like Texas, OU, Michigan, WVU, Iowa, that use zone-blocking but the Falcons refuse to draft any of their players is beyond me.

I just did a mock for the Huddle Report the other day, and had the Falcons pick Reggie Nelson. Seems like he's getting a lot of Ed Reed/Darren Sharper like comparisons.

I haven't heard anything negative about Nelson's character, so we'll see about that.

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