NFL Countdown has there April Draft up

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NFL Countdown has there April Draft up

Postby thescout99 » Fri Apr 01, 2005 7:28 pm

The reason I keep bringing there name up is they have been the most accurate out of all the websites on predicting I believe the first round the last few years.Here are there picks for the falcons!

1.Demarcus Ware
2.Mike Patterson
3.Ron Bartell

Ware's number one attribute is getting to the QB but is light in weight and makes me worry he could get worn down in a game.I read where he may not be able to put on much more wegiht also a concern.Patterson I dfoubt last till end of second round but if he did it is a no brainer in taking him.Bartell is supposed to be a top sleeper at corner and he does have experience at safety.He is very fast and who knows may give Webster a run for his money.Worst case is he is a nickel back and with time will be a starter.The Falcon's need a guy who can blow by offensive linemen in speed.Kerney not as quick but uses more technique but as we know is a top end rusher.

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