NFL Draft Blitz Mock Draft Round 1 what do you think?

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NFL Draft Blitz Mock Draft Round 1 what do you think?

Postby thescout » Fri Nov 24, 2006 9:07 pm

Thought you guys would be interested in the first round draft picks by nfldraftblitz.Look at the Falcon's take Lamar Woodley the guy if available we can't pass on. Now if Jake Long is available I hate to decide between the 2 but I would have to go with the pass rush in woodley. In the second round they have the falcon's selcecting brandon merriweather.I know the falcon filter but the guy has great talaent and I am sure he would be checked out thouroughly if that was a problem in his behavior.Other guys have come into the league and have changed.I would be happy with those 2 although eric weddle I wouldn't mind in round 2 either.

Round 1:

1. Detroit Lions- Calvin Johnson- WR, Georgia Tech
Analysis: - I know it is crazy to think about, but one of Detroit's biggest needs is actually at the receiver position. Rob Marinelli is not letting Mike Williams play. They cut Charlie Rogers and Roy Williams is the only threat the receivers pose. Calvin is an tremendous talent at wideout. He is 6'5", 235 lbs and has an impressive 40" vertical! He has soft hands and runs nice routes for his size. He can add a threat opposite Roy Williams that will haunt defensive backs for many years to come.

2. Arizona Cardinals- Joe Thomas- OT, Wisconsin
Analysis: This is as close to a guarantee pick as you can get. The Cardinals offensive line is dreadful. They can not protect in the running game or in the passing game. With the offensive weapons, on this team, the line is the only thing holding them back. Joe Thomas is a very athletic offensive tackle. With Davis likely due to depart, Thomas can come in and start from day 1. He can protect Matt Leinart for many years and hopefully help this team to reach its full potential.

3. Oakland Raiders- Brady Quinn- QB, Notre Dame
Analysis: I don’t know what to say about the Raiders. They may be the worst team ever. The main problem is they have no identity on offense. Brady Quinn is the most pro-ready quarterback to come out since Peyton Manning. He has great intangibles and leadership. His quick release will help avoid more sacks. He will give the Raiders an identity and a place to start from on offense. That identity is something they have been lacking for quite sometime.

4. Houston Texans- Alan Branch- DT, Michigan
Analysis: This team shows a lot of promise. They have a lot young playmakers on defense. Demeco Ryans is a leading candidate for Defensive Rookie of the Year. Mario is starting to show why he is the #1 overall pick. Alan Branch can add to that defensive line. He is a very big defensive tackle with uncanny quickness. He will take double teams away from Mario and allow him to be more effective. Branch can also rush the passer him self. Look for Kubiak to jump all over this defensive tackle, come draft day.

5. Washington Redskins- Gaines Adams- DE, Clemson
Analysis: This year has been a debacle for the Washington Redskins. Portis has been hurt for most of the year and they have finally let Campbell play. However, they are not a good football team. They have talent at a few positions, but are not consistent. The main area of weakness is along the defensive line. Gaines Adams is a great pass rusher. He uses very good technique and has several moves to get after the quarterback. He reminds me a lot of Jason Taylor. He will help Greg Williams be more exotic with his blitzes and will help the Redskin defense become dominate. He is, in my opinion, the best defensive player in this draft and will have a great pro career.

6. Cleveland Browns- Adrian Peterson- RB, Oklahoma
Analysis: The Cleveland running game has been inconsistent at best this year. While Droughns is a reliable back, he is not a game breaker. Adrian Peterson is the epitome of a game breaker. He is a tough runner that can run between the tackles or turn the corner. He is a threat every time he touches the football. He gives Cleveland an every down back that can take over the game at any moment. Hopefully, they won’t pass over him like they did LT.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Brian Brohm- QB, Louisville
Analysis: Chris Simms is a free agent after this season and it is unknown whether Gradkowski will be a starter or a backup. Brian Brohm has the ability to be a bonified star in the NFL. He has a nice release and makes good decisions with the football. Brohm all the intangibles necessary to lead a team. Look for Gruden to grab this passer and start to restore the great Buccaneer team of a few years ago.

8. Tennessee Titans- Leon Hall- CB, Michigan
Analysis: Jeff Fisher is the best coach in the NFL, bar none. He has this team that many thought would be a bottom feeder, many years, heading in a promising direction. I will admit Vince Young is proving me wrong. I was calling him the next Akili Smith, but he may turn out to be the next Donovan McNabb. However, Pacman is a bum. He is always finding trouble and is just a headache. Fisher needs to get rid of him. Leon Hall is the best cover corner in the NFL. He can play man to man or zone. He will add a playmaker to either replace or compliment Pacman in the Music City.

9. Minnesota Vikings- Dwayne Jarrett- WR, USC
Analysis: Minnesota started of the season very well, but has fallen off as of late. Williamson and Taylor just have not been consistent. A lot of this is caused by the lack of an intermediate threat. Dwayne Jarrett is a receiver that can do it all. He has the size to come across the middle and make the tough catch. He can also cause separation downfield. Jarrett will help Johnson be more efficient by giving him a safety valve. He will instantly upgrade the receiving corps.

10. St. Louis Rams- Laron Landry- S- LSU
Analysis: The Rams that had a quick start but have fallen off as of late. Much of that is due to the secondary. Hill looks like he will be a star and Chavous is solid, but there is a drop off after that. Laron Landry is a playmaker in the toughest conference in football. He can drop into coverage and also step up in run support. He is a versatile safety that can do it all. He will fit in to Haslett’s defense perfectly. Look for St. Louis to keep there fast start a little longer next year.

11. Green Bay Packers- Marshawn Lynch- RB, California
Analysis: Green Bay has played like a young team. They have been slightly inconsistent but have shown promise. I am not sure whether or not Favre will return, but Green is a free agent after this year. Look for Marshawn to add a game breaker at running back. Personally, I am not a big fan of Lynch. I think he has put up numbers against a conference that treats defense like a plague. I see what he did against Tennessee; which is maybe the 4th or 5th best team in that conference. He did nothing. However, he is a rated highly and I think will be picked higher than he deserves to. I also think he will be a bust in the NFL.

12. Miami Dolphins- Patrick Willis- ILB, Ole Miss
Analysis: Miami continues to baffle me. They play like garbage against inferior opponents and then pull off 3 wins in a row. Anyway, Zach Thomas is not getting any younger. Willis is a linebacker that can step in from day one and produce. He is very quick and diagnoses plays very well. Look for him to be the heir to Thomas in Miami. Saban knows a lot about him from his LSU days.

13. Pittsburgh Steelers- Darrelle Revis- CB, Pittsburgh
Analysis: Deshea Townsend is mediocre at best. Ike Taylor is overrated. Pittsburgh needs an upgrade in the secondary. The Rooney’s won’t have to go far to find that upgrade, this year. Revis is a great cover corner that will add instant production to the corner position. He is physical and will help this defense get even better than it already is. Look for the hometown boy to stay close to home in the NFL.

14. Buffalo Bills – Jake Long- OT, Michigan
Analysis: J.P. Losman has proved enough to keep his job this year. Look for Buffalo to surround him with a great line. Last year, the Jets used several picks on the line. I fully expect the Bills to do the same this year. I would not be surprised at all if they just drafted o-line on the first day. Long is a big, athletic tackle that can protect J.P.’s blind side and allow him to make plays. Look for him to have a breakout year when he gets some time to throw.

15. Atlanta Falcons- Lamarr Woodley- DE, Michigan
Analysis: Kearny is a free agent after next season and Abraham is injury prone. Atlanta needs to bring another playmaking defensive end in to fill in for the two of them. Woodley is one of the best defensive ends in college. He has a knack for making plays and always seems to end up in the backfield. He is very similar to Abraham in his style but he does not have quite the history of injuries. He will be a great force in Atlanta, and will help the defense become one of the best in the NFL.

16. New York Jets- Quentin Moses- DE/OLB- Georgia
Analysis: The Jets have been one of the biggest surprises, this year. Eric Mangini has this team playing at a high level despite a lack of supreme talent. Since the Jets run the 3-4 defense, they need a certain personnel. Moses is a prototype linebacker for that kind of system. He does not have the best instincts, but his athleticism will allow him to be like Demarcus Ware and make plays. Along with Vilma, he can help form a great linebacker corps.

17. San Francisco 49ers- Daymeion Hughes- CB, California
Analysis: As of right now, I am officially “Rollin’ with Nolan.” The ever so dapper, Mike Nolan has the 49rs within a game of the division lead. He does this with a team that is severely lacking elite talent. However, they play at a high level every Sunday. The biggest deficiency may be in the secondary. Hughes is a great corner and is a playmaker in a conference where offense runs rampant. He can add some credibility to a secondary that has little. Look for Nolan to continue to improve this team and do so for many years.

18. Philadelphia Eagles- Paul Posluszny- OLB, Penn State
Analysis: The Eagles are in trouble this season. McNabb is gone so is the season. Much of this could have been avoided by winning some winnable games earlier, this year. Philadelphia has been very inconsistent. Paul Posluszny can consistently make plays. He is a great leader and has a nose for the ball. He reminds me a lot of Demeco Ryans last year. He may not have the best speed in the world, but he finds a way to be productive. Next year, I look for this defense to be as dominate as it was earlier this year.

19. Cincinnati Bengals – Quinn Pitcock- DT, Ohio State-
Analysis: Cincy is finally coming alive. Carson looks like last year and so doe the offense. However, they can’t keep winning shootouts. The defense has to improve. Pitcock adds a playmaking presence to the line. He knows how to get into backfield and stuff the run. Pitcock is very smart and plays with great discipline. If Justin Smith leaves, Pitcock will be able to anchor that line and add credibility to it.

20. Dallas Cowboys- Justin Blalock- OG/OT, Texas
Analysis: Tony Romo may actually be the answer in Dallas. He seems like he has a great rapport with his weapons, including “that player”. However, the line could still use a definite upgrade. Blaylock played tackle in college, but would be a better guard in the pros. He is very athletic and uses great technique. He could help prevent Romo from running from his life in Dallas. With an upgraded line, the Cowboys could have an offense that can take them to the Super Bowl, once more.

21. New England Patriots (from Seattle)-Ted Ginn Jr.- WR, Ohio State
Analysis: Despite recent losses by New England, they are still one of the best teams in the NFL, However, The receiver corps is still lacking. Ginn is an absolute game breaker. He is the essence of the word “speed”. He will give Brady a threat down the field and will make defenses account for him. Brady will soon become very fond of his wideout from Ohio State.

22. Carolina Panthers- Michael Griffin- S, Texas
Analysis: Even though Carolina has one of the best cornerback duos in the NFL, the lack a presence at safety. Griffin has the potential to be the final piece of the puzzle for the Carolina defense. He is another one of the new hybrid safeties. He has the ability to be very effective in coverage and to lay the lumber, in run support. Griffin reminds me a lot of Michael Huff or Jason Allen, last year. He will be a playmaker in an already good Carolina secondary.

23. New Orleans Saints- Joseph “Red” Bryant- DT, Texas A&M
Analysis: New Orleans might finally be falling back to reality. The defense just does not have enough playmakers to be competitive. Bryant is a tackle that can cause havoc with the defensive line. He can draw double teams away from Will Smith and Charles Grant. This will help the Saints win the battle in the trenches. When you win in the trenches, you will normally win the game. Look for Payton to help make this team competitive again next year.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars- Charles Johnson- DE, Georgia
Analysis: This team is the definition of inconsistent. They lose to the Houston Texans; and then look Super Bowl caliber against the Giants. A lot of this team’s in consistency has to do with injury but some is personnel. While the Jags may have the beset defensive tackles, the end position can definitely be upgraded. Johnson has nice size and good instinct. He has a nice array of moves and knows how to get after the quarterback. In my opinion I think he will be a better pro end than his much praised teammate.

25. Kansas City Chiefs- Jeff Samardzija- WR, Notre Dame
Analysis: - This team is pretty good. The offensive line has started to play well, and the defensive is stepping up as well. While Tony Gonzalez may be the best tight end, in football, the receiving corps leaves much to be desired. Samardzija can add a go to receiver. He knows how to get open and make great catches. He has a great nose for the end zone and is deadly inside the red zone. He will give Green a big target for many years.

26. New York Giants- Marcus McCauley- CB, Fresno State
Analysis: The Giants need to take a long look in the mirror. If you recall a few mocks ago, I said there problem was: they don’t bring their lunch pail to work. They buy into their own hype. A lot of this has to do with coaching as well. Anyway; Sam Madison is showing an impact at corner, but he is getting older. McCauley has great size and is very physical. He can play man-to-man but I think would do better in a cover 2 scheme. Look for him help New York stay consistent.

27. New England Patriots- Tommy Blake- DE/OLB, TCU
Analysis: New England is still one of the best teams in the NFL. They can still easily win the Super Bowl, this year. However, the linebacker corps still leaves something to be desired. Tommy Blake is a bit of a dark horse, but he has the ability to shoot up draft boards. He is a Demarcus Ware kind of player that will make a great hybrid. He will replenish this corps that has been depleted over the past few years.

28. Denver Broncos- Victor Abiamiri- DE, Notre Dame
Analysis: The weakness of the Denver defense has been exposed lately. The front four is not good at all. If Coyer wants to drop into a cover 2 zone, he must upgrade the front four. Ekuban and Lang are serviceable, but not spectacular. Say what you will about lack of competition, but he is 6th in the nation in sacks. He continues to make plays on a below average defense. He will add a presence on the line and actually allow them to get pressure with the line.

29. San Diego Chargers- Robert Meacham- WR, Tennessee
Analysis: The Chargers may be the best team in the NFL. The can run the ball, pass the ball and play defense. LT is the best running back in the NFL and Gates may be the best tight end. However, they lack a true #1 receiver. Meacham is a big receiver that can go deep and come across the middle. He reminds me a lot of Javon Walker. He has great hands and will help this offense be better than it already is.

30. Baltimore Ravens- Kenny Irons- RB, Auburn
Analysis: This Raven’s team is really something special. McNair has made a world of difference. They are efficient and the defense is always dominate. However, the running game is not a good as it used to be. Kenny Irons is a great running back that can run between the tackles and turn the corner. He will be a great addition and add more balance to the Ravens offense.

31. Chicago Bears- Zach Miller- TE, Arizona State
Analysis: The Bears offense is doing very well. Rex is showing his talent and they are making plays. Despite the play of Clark, a stud tight end could be very handy. Miller is a playmaker at the tight end position. His blocking could use an upgrade but he has great hands and presents mismatches. His presence could help Rex Grossman be a more efficient quarterback and help the Bears be even more successful.

32. Indianapolis Colts- Fred Bennett- CB, South Carolina
Analysis: As good as this offense is, the defense is sub par. Much of this is due to injury but a lot I due to talent. Bennett can step in right away and continue the legacy of South Carolina DB’s. He is a physical corner that can come up in run support and play against any receiver. Look for him to start from day 1 on this defense
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Postby BirdBrain » Sat Nov 25, 2006 2:08 am

This assumes that no juniors come out for the draft.I think we will end of more in the 18-20th round.Woodley would be nice though. :lol:

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Postby DenimJacket » Sat Nov 25, 2006 4:13 am

I agree. Woodley would be a very good selection.

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