Falcons mock 11/19

The year's upcoming draft and the college game can be discussed here.

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Falcons mock 11/19

Postby Pudge » Sun Nov 19, 2006 1:55 am

Here's my Falcons mock draft for next year. Still really early. We have an extra 4th rounder from Denver, and I think are giving up a 6th to New Orleans (for Gandy).

1. DE Adam Carriker, Nebraska

IMO, DE is a huge question mark on this team now and for the future. How much longer will Kerney and Abraham be Falcons. At this point, it doesn't seem too promising. I've never seen Carriker play, but from all the things I hear he's a high motor guy that is similar in style to Aaron Schobel. He's massive too (6-6/285), so he can come in and be groomed behind Abraham at the RDE spot.

2. S Eric Weddle, Utah

A coverage safety that plays the SS position at Utah. Can be groomed as Milloy's replacement. And it's not like he stinks against the run. He went head to head with Calvin Johnson last year, and came out on top, so that should say a lot. Basically, a rangy playmaker, which is what we need at S.

3. OC Dan Mozes, West Virginia

A top center in WVU's zone blocking scheme. Would be a great pickup. Not sure if McClure is back next year. If not then Mozes is the type of guy that you can replacing him. Not a superb pass protector, but has good strength and feet. But like all Falcon blockers, he'll earn his paycheck as a run blocker, which he does best.

4a. WR Jarrett Hicks, Texas Tech

Has a good frame (6-3/210), lacks speed. But really doesn't need to have that to work here. We need a reliable set of hands, which he has.

4b. RB Germaine Race, Pittsburg State

Small school prospect, but I hear is a load. Has good size and quickness and would be a good complement to Norwood down the road.

5. CB Kenny Scott, Georgia Tech

Don't know much about him, but I hear he has good size, and is a good zone corner.

7. DT Howie Fuimaono, UNLV

Big massive nose guys (335 lbs.) that could be groomed as an eventual replacement to Jackson. At the very least should improve the rotation drastically.

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Interesting draft

Postby thescout » Sun Nov 19, 2006 2:56 am

Interesting selections pudge! Just a few things for you about the draft.

1.Carriker - I think he is having a down year and could be slipping into round 2. The way the falcon's are playing it wouldn't surprise me that they draft either Victor Abiamiri or Woodley.
2.Weddle - I agree with you here.Weddle can also play backup corner and as we know is a tough sound safety.With as many good safeties in the draft a few will slip.A good heady pick for the Falcon's.
3. Dan Mozes - don't know much about him.If Mclure doesn't resign then yes a center would be good here.Centers usually slide in the draft so if a good one is in the 4th then I would wait, corner is a bigger need despite weddle being picked. Maybe CJ Wilson here from Baylor at corner
4.Jarrett Hciks - don't know much about him at this point.I would take a center here if one last this long.
4.Germaine Race - again don't know much about him would take a guard,tackle or def tackle here
5.Kenny Scott - watched just a little of him ..decent player wouldn't mind having him maybe a receiver sneeks in here
7.Howie Fumanio - love the size need a big guy to replace grady sometime.

Its going to come down to the best player that meets a need.I hope Mckay remembers the Saints got marcus colston in the 7th so you don't just draft bench warmers ala Dan Reeves. We might see a kicker drafted late also. We both agree def end is probably the biggest priority since kerney probably won't resign not at the money the falcon';s will ask for. A guy who can get to the QB is needed. Rookies usually struggle so it worries me perhaps chauncey davis can play part time and the falcon's will have a rotation?

Weddle - From what I have has a very high football IQ and can play corner.In the right spot at the right time you can't teach. I think the falcon safeties need upgrading.They may be part of the problem in the pass defense since neither crocker or milloy are known for covering the pass well.

Mclure is going to be a decision to make. I have been wanting a more powerful center for years but I hope there is one left on the board in the 3rd or 4th round.
Last year we had the debate that the falcon's either go big at def tackle or a smaller guy who can maneuver well. Fortunatley the falcons got grady who is the big tackle the falcon's needed. Certain postions I don't like having small guys and def tackle is one of them.
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