40 Times less important

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40 Times less important

Postby Pudge » Tue Mar 22, 2005 5:20 pm


Saw another good read over at NFL.com, about using Combine numbers to determine things like quickness and explosion. I decided to do some research and tried to find out what I could about current/past Falcons numbers in recent drafts. Here's all the guys I managed to find.

Matt Lehr - 0.81
DeAngelo Hall - 0.66
Etric Pruitt - 0.61
Kynan Forney - 0.57
Matt Stewart - 0.52
Demorrio Williams - 0.45
Roberto Garza - 0.44
Chad Lavalais - 0.42
Matt Schaub - 0.41
T.J. Duckett - 0.38
Kurt Kittner - 0.36
Will Overstreet - 0.34
Quincy Wilson - 0.32
Alge Crumpler - 0.31
Ed Hartwell - 0.26
Quentin McCord - 0.26
Michael Jenkins - 0.07* (I saw a different source that had Jenkins shuttle at a much lower time which would have made a difference of 0.60).

I was really curious to see what Vick's was, but considering Vick ran almost no drills during the time leading up to the 2001 Draft, I couldn't find what his shuttle times were.

Of course this is not the definitive source on who has explosion/quickness, but it's just an interesting method of determining that if it's at all possible.
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