What NFL websites do you subsribe to for the NFL draft?

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What NFL websites do you subsribe to for the NFL draft?

Postby thescout » Fri Dec 31, 2004 8:51 pm

I am trying to decide which sites to subscribe for the NFL draft.There are so many that perhaps there is a site I have missed on the past that is worth the money.A few of mine that I have subscribed if I can remember all of them:

1.Sporting News - There mock draft is a joke but still interesting info on players
2.Boomers guide to the NFL Boomer probably has the most info on player breakdown's I have seen nut sometimes won't update for awhile which I do not like.Also on his draft forum he does fairly updated info on players.Probably my fav site
3.Matt Gambill site been a few years I believe Gambill used to be a scout for the raiders his book he sends out is real good and breaks the player down better than kiper
4.FFtoolbox - just learned about this site has alot of links to other sites
5.NFL Draftcountdown - good info
6.NFL Draft Blitz - good info
7.Great Blue north draft report I like this site it gives daily info on players
8.Mel Kiper's draft page overrated but still interesting.Kiper's mock drafts are never right
9.NFL Draft notebook
10.Bernie Kosars browns draft not curently a subscriber but what I remember did give alot of content

What sites do you think are not worth the money include free ones?

1.Footballs future - I think there predictions on there mock draft is bad.I still like reading the reviews on the players.I should not say they are bad since I have not looked at them enough.

A great site should have frequent updates and alot of content especially on player evaluations.I know I have missed some sites since I have followed the draft for years and years.Boomers draft site I feel is my fav but maybe some members here can give input on to there fav sites paid and free sites to help out the rest of us.


forgot to mention

Postby thescout » Fri Dec 31, 2004 8:52 pm

On my favsites not all are paid sites so the thread should read free and paid sites.Thanks.


Postby Guest » Sat Jan 01, 2005 3:14 am

"Kiper's Mock Drafts are never right"

I'm sorry, but who exactly predicted 12 out of the first 15 picks correctly last year? That's right, Mel did. And the only reason others did was because Kiper decided to publish his mock early, giving the chance for others to copy him (Scott Wright). Kiper is one of the best at predicting who exactly goes where in the drafts, because he has sources that others don't.

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Postby Pudge » Sat Jan 01, 2005 12:43 pm

I have a free subscription to the Huddle Report, because I write for them. I don't think there's a better bargain out there than that site. THR's subscription is $9.95 for the year, while most other sites are at least $20. I don't think you can beat that deal. It may not be the best, but I think it's one of the best.

This is a good resource to see who has had some of the more "accurate" drafts in recent years

I do like Boomer's site which is now called West Coast Draft Services because it provides a thorough breakdown of a lot of players.

And although I'm not a fan of Kiper, he is on his game. Personally, I think he puts a little too much emphasis on workouts and numbers rather than on-field ability, but I guess so many NFL scouts/GMs do the same.
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Postby natequinn23 » Sat Jan 01, 2005 2:35 pm

there is one site that is no to bad and it is how i found this forum

it is footballfix.com

there you can get links to offical sites fans sites and more
also college sites

and on one of the pages it will have several mock drafts

so you might have to pay for but it will give you many options
and i think one of them last year was almost right on


Postby Guest » Tue Jan 11, 2005 2:40 am

I liked the Huddle Report. I went there last year and their board was really good, their top 300+ that is. They know their stuff. Unfortunately I don't have a credit card and I can't pay for any online thing, so I can't visit that site anymore.


I agree the huddle report

Postby thescout » Tue Jan 11, 2005 3:20 am

The Huddle Report is very good and for the amt you pay 10.00? great value.Boomer's draft apparently will be transitioning over to another site(forgot name) that is great value.I have not bought or signed up for the new site wonder if anyone else has and is it worth it?

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I signed up for NFLDraftScout.Com

Postby thescout » Mon Jan 17, 2005 11:49 pm

Just wanted to let everyone know that I had been conteplating whether to sign up for NFL DraftScout.com since one the writers for them Rob Rang (formerly of WestCoast Draft) I believe is moving his content to NFL DraftScout.The cost is 24.95 for year,let me give some of the highlights.

1.Breakdown of the players - great job,probably the most elaborate site as far as giving info on pro prosepects I have seen.If your used to Boome's draft info it is similar.Also gives a lot of statistical info on players. I find interesting is it compares the prospect to a current NFL player for example Matt Roth is compared to Michael Strahan
2.Gives there top 100 players in draft - I don't necessarily agree with the 100 players in terms of where they are rated in this list.
3.Take a look at where are they now - gives players like Mandarich,Bosworth,Bo Jackson and a little history on them
4.Trade value chart for draft picks - great job Rob Rang put together on what each draft pick is worth in terms of points.
5.Ranks the players each position - Again I don't always agree with the selections.
6.All Star Bowl games - gives info on the websites to see listings
7.2004 draft selections - Interesting to view the notes on the players in 2004 draft compared to now.

Overall excellent site and I am sure I don't know everything about the site yet.If you want detail info on college prospects this is a very good site.The bad,I do not agree with there 100 overall and where the prosepcts rank.What I do is take the players from NFL Draft Countdown since they have been very accurate on there selections the last 3 yrs and combine them with the notes on NFL Draft scout.com.

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