Players that impressed you in the bowl games

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Players that impressed you in the bowl games

Postby thescout » Sat Jan 01, 2005 5:38 pm

I know I have been posting alot lately but this is the time of year where you get to see a lot of college football and the players playing in relatively important games.I want to mention about some of the players I saw that impressed me.Unfortnatley you can't watch all of them so perhaps some other members can comment on impressive players they saw.

I am not a homer but watching the georgia game I came away really impressed by Pollack,davis played weill and thurman did the linebacker.Pollack this guy doesn't have the hgt and weight you want but he just produces.Had 3 sacks today,never gives up and is constantly putting pressure on the QB.I see the pros and cons with him and I wonder if he can adjust to the bigger offensive linemen in the NFL, but that production is hard to pass on.If moved to linebacker I believe he could still produce.Chuck Smith was not big and I look at pollack the same way.If Pollack last past pick 15 in the 1st I think the Falcon's have to seriously look to move up.I wonder what the price would be to move up a 1st and 2nd I would not do it but maybe a 1st and 3rd and a future pick.If the choice of trading up for pollack or drafting roth and remain without trading up Pollack is a superior pass rusher.

Davis,I taped alot of the game and didn't see it all but Davis is on alot of plays and is a big hitter,just what the falcon's need.If we don't move up than Davis would be hard to pass on despite having Matt Roth on the board.I would be torn between the 2 since you can never have enough pass rushers.Thurman is a linebacker that can knock the lights out of you.He will be a good player but I don't see the falcon's getting him.

Deangelo Williams - will be a franchise back for someone

Jonathan Babineaux - Iowan def tackle under rated and creates havoc in the backfield.Roth gets alot of press but Babineaux is a blue collar worker that produces.I would worry about his weight at 276 pds although with the nfl weight program will put on some pounds.Some one to consider in the 4th or 5th round.

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