OT Question: Jonas Jennings

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OT Question: Jonas Jennings

Postby Lanny » Wed Feb 23, 2005 6:00 pm

I see that Buffalo will trade Travis Henry for L.J. Shelton, meaning that they won't try to resign Jonas Jennings. I know he's from College Park, and I think I remember hearing that he has expressed a desire to play for us. He looks bigger than a "Gibbs lineman," but I don't know how important a consideration that is, given Gibbs' move to a "consultant." I also know that he wanted a $10MM signing bonus from the Bills, but he just turned 28 and wants to play for us and we need help at OT, and I suspect that where there's a will, . . .

Could someone who knows something about Jennings as a player give me the rundown on how good he really is and can be? How big an improvement would he would be over Weiner/Shaffer (if at all)? If he would be a definite upgrade, perhaps he is a serious candidate after all.

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Postby Pudge » Wed Feb 23, 2005 11:34 pm

Jennings stock is increasing because guys like Pace and Jones are off the market. Although there is a rumor that Pace can be had from the Rams for a 1st round pick. But this is the same thing we saw with the CB class last year, when Bailey, McAlister, and Woodson were tagged and taken off the market. And the trickle down affect made average players like Jason Webster very rich men.

Jennings is not that great of a player IMO. He's a guy that I think would make a much better guard than tackle. He can play all 5 OL positions, which is a plus, but I think his best position is probably OG. He has good strength, and moves well for his size, but I think he is not a great pass protector.

But he does seem to be turning a corner. His penalties were down this year, and he did not get flagged for a single holding penalty this year and really cut down on his false starts. So he might be ready to emerge into the upper half of LTs in the league.

I don't think he'd be a great fit for this scheme, because I don't think he's super mobile. We would be much better off if we let some other team pay him $10 million (or more) bonus to be their LT.

He would be an improvement over Shaffer, but I think he's about on par with Weiner in terms of ability.
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