Reggie Brown moving up quickly

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Reggie Brown moving up quickly

Postby Pudge » Wed Feb 23, 2005 2:23 pm

NFL Draft Scout has Brown listed as the #2 WR in the draft right behind Braylon Edwards. It will be interesting to see how much he moves up other people's list. I still think the consensus is:

1. Edwards
2. Mike Williams
3. Mark Clayton
4. Troy Williamson
5. Roddy White

Williamson I think will move up to #3 or #4 based on his 40 time. Some are saying he'll run a high 4.2 or low 4.3. Similarly, we've seen guys like Donte Stallworth pull off these 40s, and move up a lot in the draft, even though ability-wise they probably didn't deserve it. If Williamson does run this fast at the Combine, a notoriously slow track, you can be sure he will definitely be considred a late round prospect as so many teams are looking for deep speed at WR this off-season.

I think Williams has the potential to slip some in the draft. It really depends on what he measures at the Combines too. Williams doesn't have great speed, and a 40 of 4.55 or slower will really hurt him, to the point that he may drop all the way near where teh Falcons pick. If he does, then he would be a great addition to this team. I really see him as another Keyshawn Johnson type player, that has good hands, great YAC ability, and is a dominant blocker.

Clayton is a player that is moving up boards, although most don't consider him to be a deep threat, just a reliable receiver. I think most are comparing him to another Clayton (Mike Clayton for the Bucs), despite not having as good size.

But it is still interesting to see how high Brown can move up. The WR class is pretty shaky after the Big 3 (Edwards, Williams, and Clayton), and a lot of players will be jockeying for position. A good 40 and Brown could solidify himself as a Top 5 receiver, although being in the Top 3 seems to be pushing it a bit.

Brown is a guy I have the Falcons targetting in the 2nd round, but it would seem if he does solidify himself as a Top 5 wideout, there is very little chance he will last past pick #40. This could bode well still for the Falcons because it could mean Fred Gibson slips some on boards. Gibson is still inconsistent, but I'm willing to take a chance on him in the 2nd round.
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