If you had to guess the Falcs top 3 Needs 2015 Draft

The year's upcoming draft and the college game can be discussed here.

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If you had to guess the Falcs top 3 Needs 2015 Draft

Postby thescout » Mon Aug 25, 2014 11:21 pm

Since I just got home from a 3 month stay in Alaska I'm trying to catch up on the Falcons. Based on what I gather it seems like the following will be the Falcons biggest needs. This could always change as the season develops but we know a few things already that are high probabilities.

1.Lack of pass rush .... This seems to be constant need and TD hasn't addressed it over his tenure. Looking at the upcoming season college prospect wise it seems def end will be plus.Players like Leonard Williams,Randy Gregory, Dante Fowler and Shane Ray (olb).
OLBs Leonard Floyd and Vic Beasley seem to be the best of the crop heading into the season.

2. Tight End - The Falcons seem to have devalued the position on using the tight end as receiver and blocker. If this is the case then the position will not be a huge need as blocking tight ends are more easily found than receiver/blocking tight ends.
3. Safety - It depends on how Southward plays but I do wonder if William Moore will be here much longer.
4.Off line - I'm thinking next year could be Blaylock's last year so a guard will be needed.

These are my predictions for the upcoming season and hopefully some players on the Falcons develop enough so the above won't be needs. The lack of pass rush seems to be the most glaring need so the olbs should be watched carefully this upcoming college season.
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Re: If you had to guess the Falcs top 3 Needs 2015 Draft

Postby Pudge » Mon Aug 25, 2014 11:30 pm

Edge Pass-Rusher, Tight End, and Running Back should be this team's biggest needs next year. Although I'm sure the Falcons will swap in Inside Linebacker or something instead of RB...again. :roll:

Been waiting 4 years for this team to find Michael Turner's replacement...still waiting...
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