Scout Mock draft 3-7-14 see if you can do better

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Scout Mock draft 3-7-14 see if you can do better

Postby thescout » Sat Mar 08, 2014 12:49 am

I had some extra time and decided to do a mock draf for the first 5 rounds. I used Walter Football's draft to get an idea of what players might be around in certain parts of the draft. For purposes of this thread I challenge you to do a mock and see who you would pick under the following conditions.

1.I am assuming the Falcs sign a free agent guard (Assomaugh)

2. The Falcons bloster the defense by signing Paul Soliali and Jared Allen.

3. the Falcs sign Champ Bailey to play safety.

4. Be realistic when creating your draft. For example don't put a payer like Aaron Donald to the Falcs with the 37th pick or some draft pick that as little chance of falling to the next round. For this draft lets make it 7 players above below the draft slot. Example players 30-36 could drop to slot 37 the falcs 2nd round pick. Also you can go down slots for example players 38-45 would be within range of pick 37. Hopefully doesn't over draft again like he did Akeem Dent.

.Here's my 5 round mock draft.

1. Falcons pick Jake Mathews or Greg Robinson with their 1st rounder. I doubt Robinson drops but if he does can't go wrong with him or Mathews.
2. 2nd round - Austin Serafin Jenkins tight end. Jenkins as some off the field issues but given this is a weak tight end class overall getting one is important thus why the Falcons take a tight end in the 2nd round.
3. Ed Reynolds safety or David Yankey guard/tackle. I struggled with this pick since if the Falcs do sign an aging vet will need to groom someone quickly. Reynolds would be a good choice. I doubt Jimmy Ward makes it to the Falcs pick thus Reynolds would be the pick.
Yankey, is option 2. He shouldn't fall this far and is to good to pass on. He can play guard or tackle and even if a free gent guard is signed and Mathews/Robinson is the pick with Falcs no1 Yankey would provide valuable depth and be groomed as a starter the next year. Would pave the way to let Baker go or Blaylock the 2015 yr. Anyway I'm loading up on the lines.
4.Daniel Mcculers def tackle .. the biggie we have been looking for to help in short yardage and goal line stands. Even if Soliali is signed or another biggie Mccullers would be someone to groom.
5.Seantrel Henderson off tackle - The reason I went with Henderson is Mike Tice felt during the Senior Bowl he could be a good player and the Falcs seem to like him Logically would the Falcs really draft 3 off linemen in this draft doubt it but given the lack of ability on the line last year just maybe TD will get mad and over do it by drafting many off linemen.

Also consider the Falcons will get a 5th round compensation pick most likey. I could see a Charles Sims running back be drafted here.

I'm not to keen on not drafting def ends. If the Falcs do sign a Jared Allen they need to groom someone since Osi probably is a situation player.I think we can find a slot receiver also since receiver is the probably deepest position in the draft. There as got to be someone better than Harry Douglas available.
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