BCS Title Game - Been There, Done That

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BCS Title Game - Been There, Done That

Postby widetrak21 » Fri Dec 02, 2011 12:21 pm

http://espn.go.com/espn/story/_/id/7302 ... title-game

Rick Reilly, ESPN

Man, these SEC fans are good. The hate email came in before the column was even finished.

Hey Reilly:

I hope you get gangrene on your nose. Your so-called "article" ridiculing an LSU-Alabama rematch for the national championship was stupid. Just because you thought the first one was "boring" does not mean these are not the two best teams. Go back to your spider hole.

--Jimmy Tomjack, Birmingham, Ala.

The first LSU-Alabama game was more boring than Tim Tebow's porn stash. To play another one will be like remaking "J. Edgar" or attending a goiter convention.

But that's not why there should be no Dullapalooza II on Jan. 9 in the Superdome. There shouldn't be one because it makes the BCS honchos liars. This is their Twitter handle: @EveryGameCounts. But how can every game count if it doesn't matter who won the first one?

If you remember, LSU won the first game -- which resembled hippos taking a mud bath -- 9-6 (in OT, no less), in Tuscaloosa. Didn't hurt the Tide any. They're going to get a mulligan if we don't stop it. You have to figure, too, that, if Alabama had won, then LSU would only have one loss and the Tigers would get the redo. This is because, apparently, no conference can really play football in this country except the SEC, which invented the sport in 2006.

Meanwhile, four one-loss teams that didn't get two shots at the title will be playing in the Black Friday Pepper Spray Bowl. Afterward, they'll tweet about it at @EveryGameCountsUnlessAnSECTeamLoses.

A team that didn't even make its conference title game will be playing in the national title game? It's like Rick Perry withdrawing from the primaries and then going up against President Barack Obama.
Dear Communist:

You have the brains of half a worm. It's true that Alabama didn't qualify for their own conference title game, but they're still the second-best team in the country by a country mile. Go drink a can of Raid.

--Jacktom Jimmy, Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Sorry. Alabama playing in the title game is bonkers. A team that didn't even make its conference title game will be playing in the national title game? It's like Rick Perry withdrawing from the primaries and then going up against President Obama.

But imagine how idiotic this system is through LSU's binoculars. While the Bayou Bengals are beating their brains out against Georgia in the conference title game this Saturday at the Georgia Dome -- aka, the crime scene -- Alabama will be enjoying chicken wings and "Tosh.0" reruns and resting up.

"I won't lie to you," Alabama linebacker Dont'a Hightower told The Associated Press. "It's going to be good to get a week off. A lot of guys are banged up."

Welcome to BCS logic.

Of course, if Alabama wins Walking Dead II, the Tide will be … what? National champions? How? They'll have one loss, same as all the other contenders. They'll have split the home-and-home series with LSU. They won't even have won their SEC division, much less their conference. Yet they could wind up petting the crystal football.

Wouldn't that be special?

Yo, jackwagon:

You rail against a rematch, but who would you rather have play LSU? There's nobody else. Even No. 3 Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy said this week that he wouldn't vote his team No. 2. Go pound tumbleweeds.

--Tommy Jim, Jackson, Ala.

Whom would I rather see? Any team that hasn't already blown its chance.

Because of a flawed BCS system, we may never know if Kellen Moore and Boise State could hang with LSU. LSU vs. Oklahoma State (if the Cowboys beat Oklahoma on Saturday) would be tasty. And Gundy did say he'd consider his team for No. 2 if it beat OU.

Just to introduce you to OSU. An offense that scores approximately every 11.3 seconds. A strength of schedule ranked 10th, compared with Alabama's at 38th. A team whose only loss was in double overtime to Iowa State the same week an OSU school plane crashed, killing two women's basketball coaches. A school that beat five teams with winning records to Alabama's three. A team with four wins over BCS top 25 teams to Alabama's two. Hello?

Or what about Stanford-LSU? Like the Houndstooths, the Cardinal only have one loss, theirs to an Oregon team faster than 4G. You don't think a Stanford team led by Heisman Trophy shoo-in QB Andrew Luck wouldn't make any SEC defense wonder whether to scream or go bowling?

What about LSU-Virginia Tech? The Hokies' only loss was to Clemson, which they could avenge Saturday in the ACC title game.

Or LSU vs. one-loss Boise State? The Broncos fell to TCU by just one point. You SEC fans remember Boise State, right? It went down south in Week 1 and beat Georgia? Georgia, the team that's one win from claiming your most holy and exalted SEC title?

With all these deserving teams, you still think Alabama should get another chance? You want Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian to remarry, too?

This SEC bias has to stop. The world of college football doesn't end at the Louisiana border.

The Rematch should make you want to Regurgitate. Two-thirds of the rankings are based on humans. Voters, be fair. We played this one already, and Alabama lost.

What, your TiVo broke?
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Re: BCS Title Game - Been There, Done That

Postby Pudge » Fri Dec 02, 2011 7:21 pm

Look it's LSU-Alabama or nothing at all. You can make the case that Alabama should have beaten LSU that first time out if not for 2 missed field goals, so if LSU is the clear-cut No. 1 team, then Alabama is the only team that can really be considered to be as good/better than them.

I would love to see Andrew Luck vs. LSU's defense just for the sake of my scouting eyes, but the facts are that their only loss came to Oregon, who is a 2-loss team, so it really undermines their resume.

Okie State? C'mon they got upset by Iowa State, who I love because of ex-Pitt DC Paul Rhoads is their head man, but unless they absolutely smoke Oklahoma this weekend, their not really worthy. I'm tired of watching SEC teams smoke Big 12 teams in the championship game.

And Va Tech, well unless they smoke Clemson this weekend, then they really deserve much consideration. We know they can't really hang with either LSU or Bama. I know widetrak, you want to see your team in the NCG, but you know deep down that your team is not going to win unless either LSU or Bama lays a complete egg. Wilson and Thomas probably give you as good a chance you've had in 5 years, but we both know that Bud Foster's undersized Defense would get pushed around by both their O-lines.

Houston? C'mon now, you're just asking for the Hawaii-UGA Sugar Bowl all over again putting them against an SEC school.

Everybody knows that LSU and Alabama are the two best teams in the country. Unless Georgia utterly bastardizes LSU (which ain't gonna happen because there are never blowouts in the SEC unless Ole Miss is involved), then just put the best two teams in the National Title game, and be done with it.

The crazy thing to me is that EVERY YEAR people keep trying to trump the "BCS Stinks!" because of the National Title confusion and try to make it chaos. But the facts are that it rarely is that muddled a picture. Everybody knows that LSU-Alabama are the two best teams, and those that argue against it just are trying to manipulate a less evenly matched pair of teams so that the game can be more "exciting" not because they actually think any of those other 1-loss teams on a neutral field can beat Alabama in a best of 7 series. Stanford is probably the ONLY 1-loss team that stands a chance simply because their O-line is good enough that they shouldn't get dominated in the trenches.

Everyone knows the BCs is flawed, but this whole "See, this is just one more reason why we should have a playoff" discussions are so tired. Look, everyone also knows that there should be a plus-one, but this year is no more representative of it than really any of the other past 8 years.

And people always talk about "I Hate the Computers" and it's like Dude! Like 67% of the BCS is human voting! I heard Stanford HC David Shaw say something like that on PTI earlier this week, and it's "Hey Genius, your #4 in the AP poll, unless you're #1 or #2 there, then it doesn't matter what the computers say. In fact, if that is the case, then the computers are your best friend!!!"
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Re: BCS Title Game - Been There, Done That

Postby thescout » Sat Dec 03, 2011 2:14 am

Playoffs? Someone say playoffs? Utterly absurd to think about. :lol: :lol: :king:
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