Path To The Draft April 6 Mayock says Rudolph fall back opt

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Path To The Draft April 6 Mayock says Rudolph fall back opt

Postby thescout » Wed Apr 06, 2011 7:33 pm

Thought this might be of some interest to the fans on the board. Mayock thinks the Falcon's could draft Rudolph if there draft board is not going the way they want. I have to agree if Rudolph checks out health wise and runs good tomorrow and as a good pro day I wouldn't be upset drafting him with the Falcs 27th pick. In an earlier segment they talked about successful teams in the league like Pitt,Baltimore,New England etc who stay on top and all agreed those teams rarely miss on first rounders. I have to add the 2nd round also since many pro bowlers come from that round as well. If Rudoplh checks out he could be in the league 10 yrs and be a threat to stretch defenses.Mulakrey would be salivating pairing him with Gonzo at least for one year. I'm not crazy about Clayborn and for me its either trade up (not to 12) to get Kerrigan, Houston, stay at 27, or trade down. I think maybe one of the QBs might interest a team in the 2nd round to move up which is good for the Falcon's. I did read about Brandon Harris and the Falcon's have interest in him but not in the 1st round for me. He's a darkhorse if a def end doesn't fall to 27. Seems like he can play nickel or cover the no2 receiver. He was on NFL Network and seems to know a bit about the position and you know TD loves corners. Just maybe a no1 pick will have more success than the no3 picks TD has made in Owens,Jackson.

Path to the Draft: April 6, 2011

Below, you can find various tidbits of NFL Draft rumors and information offered by Mike Mayock, Michael Lombardi and the rest of the Path to the Draft crew on the NFL Network. I posted these in my forum, but I thought it would be better to keep all the draft rumors together in this section. I'll be tweeting these during Path to the Draft at @walterfootball.

Brandon Harris: I didn't think I had a problem collectively handling big receivers except for the one Michael Floyd TD play.

Solomon Wildcots: The Titans will not pass on one of the best defensive linemen on the board, Nick Fairley.

Solomon Wilcots: The Titans won't reach for a second-tier quarterback at No. 8.

Solomon Wilcots: If Ryan Mallett's there in the second round, you have to reach out and get him.

Mike Mayock: Eighth is too rich for Mallett or Locker. The Titans have to get a playmaker at 8 (Fairley, Julio Jones, Amukamara)

Mike Mayock: Ryan Mallett is the most ready-to-play quarterback. The question is, will he grow up?

Mike Mayock: There are 4 QBs with first-round talent, but I can't bang the table for any of them like Ryan, Stafford, Bradford, etc.

Mike Mayock: Every single QB coach agrees with me 100 percent. Every QB in this class has issues on or off the field.

Mike Mayock: It's the most unpredictable quarterback class I've ever seen, and that's echoed throughout the league.

Mike Mayock: Jacquizz Rodgers reminds me of a smaller Ray Rice. Quicker than fast, will make you miss.

Mike Mayock: Taiwan Jones might be the fastest player in this draft. If he runs 4.35 or better, theres no way he'll get out of the 3rd round.

Mike Mayock's favorite third-round running backs: Jacquizz Rodgers, Shane Vereen, Delone Carter, Dion Lewis, Taiwan Jones.

Mike Mayock: Kyle Rudolph's Pro Day is important because no one has seen him since he tore his hamstring in October.

Mike Mayock: If Kyle Rudolph runs a 4.7 or better, he endorses the fact that he's a 1st-round talent.

Charley Casserly: I like Kyle Rudolph, but he probably goes in the 2nd round because I don't see any teams that have a primary need at TE

Charley Casserly: Kyle Rudolph is not better than Jermaine Gresham. He's a better receiver than Brandon Pettigrew.

Mike Mayock suggests the Falcons could take Kyle Rudolph at 27 if their draft board is decimated.

Mike Mayock: I've talked to a bunch of teams that have Ben Ijalana in the 2nd round.

Mike Mayock: There were 15-16 offensive line coaches who watched Ben Ijalana work out. That's significant interest.
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