my wandering mind on the draft shake-up

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my wandering mind on the draft shake-up

Postby ridethemattrain » Fri Mar 17, 2006 5:00 am

i was sitting here thinking...."how far could the 3 qb's projected to be in the top 10 fall this year." before you start thrashing me, I AM NOT A PRO!! THIS IS JUST ME THINKING OUT LOUD...and trying to get some various thoughts and opinions. speak your mind.

1. Houston- Reggie Bush is pretty much a given here.

2. New Orleans- with Brees being signed, it's doubtful (barring trade)

3. Tennessee- rumor in Nashville is Leinart is preferred over Young

4. N.Y. Jets- i've heard Leinart and Cutler, but what if Young is available?? i think who TN doesn't draft of the first 2. BUT, none if they can pry away Schaub.

5. Green Bay- drafted their "future" last year...hard to see back to back.

6. San Francisco- same as above.

7. Oakland- probable, but i think they would prefer a vet. plus, they need lb help, and love A. J. Hawk. if qb, Cutler or Young...but which, if both are available??

8. Buffalo- they do like to go for the "best available at the time"...ex. McGahee- but they do have a 1st round qb from a couple years ago.

9. Detroit- my crystal ball says....WR??

10. Arizona- possible, with the loss of McCown. i don't see rb anymore with addition of Edge to Shipp and JJ.

11. St. Louis- have a quality qb now, and a slew of holes on defense.

12. Cleveland- Frye and Dilfer are a safe mix of new and old.

13. Baltimore- with the rb situation taken care of, now praying even harder for one to fall in their lap.

14. Philadelphia- wr is definitely more of an issue here.

15. Atlanta- not this round...esp. if Schaub disappears.

16. Miami- Culpepper marks the need off their list.

17. Minnesota- would be pitching a tent if one made it this far.

18. Dallas- i don't see Parcells drafting one here with his o-line problems.

19. San Diego- another to push Rivers...ala Rivers?? not yet.

20. Kansas City- not as much of a priority as db.

21. New England- Belicheck doesn't/won't ever draft one here.

22. Denver (from WSH)- need to fill loss of Pryce before drafting a 1st round back-up.

23. Tampa Bay- building around Simms, but not so much behind..yet

24. Cincinnati- if Palmer's career was a question, i would say definitely, but it looks like he'll be back. a vet would be better than spending the pick (and money) on one now.

25. N.Y. Giants- this is Eli's team. plus they have Lorenzen!!

26. Chicago- with Grossman back and Orton's experience, no need.

27. Carolina- could use one, but not this round.

28. Jacksonville- Garrard proved he's a quality #2.

29. Denver- pay Plummer too much to throw more $$ at a qb this early.

30. Indianapolis- Q: has Peyton ever missed a game?? A: NO.

31. Seattle- can survive easily without drafting one this year.

32. Pittsburgh- home of the most over-rated qb in the league, and re-signed Batch. don't see it happening this year.

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