Final Preseason Scouting Reports

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Final Preseason Scouting Reports

Postby Pudge » Thu Sep 02, 2010 12:59 pm

Last night, as I was prepping my mock draft, I quickly emptied my DVR by looking at some of these remaining prospects I wanted to get a better look at for the upcoming season. Rather than giving them their own write-up, I'll just post the notes I wrote last night.

DT Jurrell Casey, USC - Has a quick first step, able to beat the guard on his outside shoulder from the three-technique. Has a good swim move, which he uses well against the guard. Has decent closing burst on the QB to make the play. Shows ability to shed block at the point of attack to make the play vs. the run. Shows good range to work down the line laterally and make plays in pursuit. Will get his hands up to disrupt the passing lanes. Mostly plays the 3-technique, but also can line up at DE in a 3-man front (although this is more 3 or 4 tech than 5). Flashes a decent bull rush. Will lower shoulder and power his way through guard. Flashes hand technique to slap away guards hands. Works through double teams. Needs to be more consistent vs. the run, but is at his best when he can pin his ears back and get after the QB. Reminds me of Brian Price, but has better technique and motor than Price. A good fit as a one-gap in the 3-tech.

SS DeAndre McDaniel, Clemson - Has good speed and range especially in run support. Will deliver the hit to a back or receiver on the sideline, and has good closing burst on the ball. Will tend to tackle high at the point of attack and needs to improve there. Can get caught out of position in coverage, and much better when he's playing up near the box. A good run stopping safety that needs to play more disciplined and pay more attention to details.

DT Jarvis Jenkins, Clemson - Has massive size and looks closer to 315-320 pounds. Flashes his power in the middle, pancaking blockers. Shows a quick first step and can fire off the ball. Has good speed for his size and shows better range than you would suspect. Didn't really make any impact plays vs. Georgia Tech, although that probably had more to do with their offensive style and scheming to stop the option than a lack of ability. Was too easily cut block. But shows potential as a 1 or 2-gap defensive tackle because of his combo of size and burst, but I think I like him a little better in a 2-gap scheme. Has potential, but want to see him against a conventional offense. Shows potential to engulf the run at the point of attack. Tends to come out a little high and was fairly easily cut block early in the game. Shows a nice swim move.

DE Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson - Athletic, and was asked to play with his hand off the ground vs. Georgia Tech. Looked fairly natural there, although he wasn't a guy that was great moving in space. BUt could get upfield with a nice swim and showed ability to break down and make the stop at the point or in space. Didn't show a lot of moves, but with his size and athleticism, he reminds me of Derrick Morgan.

OT James Carpenter, Alabama - Shows ability to get position and push as a run blocker. Gets his hands on you, and does a nice job locking on. Has athleticism to get out ont he second level and pull. SHows good athleticism in pass protection. Will whiff on the hand punch, allowing defender easy route around him on the edge. Needs to improve his technique and do a better job staying square. needs to polish up his footwork. Opens up his stance too early and has a tendency to slide his feet. Often covered up by a tight end, which helps him deal with the edge rush. Not a great drive blocker, but flashes some potential there if he could get bigger and stronger. Needs to do a better job finishing his blcoks and showing more mean streak. Is too much of a waist bender in pass protection, and doesn't show great footwork or quickness. Will initiate contact and seems like he's a good fit in a zone blocking scheme. Flashes the athleticism you like to see in a left tackle prospect, and is a solid run blocker despite being only around 300 pounds. But is too inconsistent and lacking in pass protection to really like his chances at the next level. Might be better served bulking up and moving to the right side. Main issue is sloppy footwork and technique.

DE Marcell Dareus, Alabama - Primarily spells Cody in the lineup in a lot of passing situations. Will line up at nose, DT, and DE in both 3 and 4-man fronts. Shows power, able to drive shoulder into blocker and work towards QB. Didn't really use hands, althoguh that may have been partly due to the brace he wore on his arm. Doesn't have great burst, but fairly good to press the pocket. Shows ability to shed the tackle and make stop at the point. Shows pretty good range. Will drop off in coverage, and not bad there. Flashes potential as a bull rusher, although needs to improve hand use. Works well on the stunt due to his straight-line burst. Shows enough burst and quickness to challenge the corner in the 5-technique. Shows ability to get leverage at the line of scrimmage. Was able to beat double teams vs. Texas. Has the potential to be an impact pass rusher in either a 3-4 or 4-3. Can play the run, but could get better there. Reminds me of Sedrick Ellis in his ability to line up anywhere on the D-line and be able to get pressure.
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Re: Final Preseason Scouting Reports

Postby BirdBrain » Thu Sep 02, 2010 1:00 pm

I really like Jarvis Jenkins. But he really doesn't fit our least not yet.

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